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  • A Destiny 2 player created a Warlock build resembling The Speaker with all-white garb and gray highlights.
  • Bungie is now focusing on enriching PvP and PvE gameplay, addressing community concerns and balancing new items.

Destiny 2 player recently shared a Warlock class build with all white garb, making the Guardian look almost the same as The Speaker from the games. Speakers in the Destiny universe are entities from the Golden Age who can hear from the Traveler and preach the teachings of the light. In Destiny 2‘s Dark age, The Speaker is the last known member of this species, who can communicate with the Traveler using the mask built by an unknown Speaker.

After the conclusion of the Witness’ story arc, Bungie is now focusing on the future and trying to enrich PvP and PvE gameplay. The recent patch addressed several community concerns, fixed a massive number of bugs, and balanced the latest exotic weapons and items from The Final Shape expansion. On June 30, Destiny 2 announced the return of Grandmaster Nightfalls, which is an endgame activity where high-ranked Guardians can play against powerful enemies with significantly higher HP.

Reddit user Spidercides recently created and shared their Warlock build. The Destiny 2 player posted an image showing a side-by-side comparison between the Warlock and The Speaker to point out the similarities. The Warlock has an all-white outfit with gray highlights on the shoulders, gloves, and shoes that reflect the original colors of The Speaker’s outfit. Though there are no hoods available in the game, the white and gray shaders in the mask mirror The Speaker’s gray hood. Just like other posts with custom Destiny 2 Guardian builds, this post gathered a large number of upvotes and comments praising the player’s creativity.

Destiny 2 Player Builds The Speaker-Inspired Warlock

Players who share their unique Destiny 2 character builds often provide the names of the items and shaders they used, and this one was no exception. The player posted another image where they revealed the details of this Warlock build so that other players can recreate it. Spidercides used the Default Ornament with Monochromatic shaders to mimic the white mask and gray hood of The Speaker, as well as some other items and shaders.

GauntletsHoldfast GlovesHonors of the Nine
Chest ArmorSolstice Robes (Rekindled)Honors of the Nine
Leg ArmorTM-Moss Custom PantsHonors of the Nine
Class Item (Warlock Bond)Ancestral BondGroovadelic

Though the ultimate antagonist is defeated, Destiny 2 is not coming to an end yet. Bungie now has a bright future ahead, where it can introduce new villains and enemy classes into the game. Destiny 2 has also teased Codename Frontiers, which is part of the game’s episodic content for 2025. With no exact details revealed about the year 11 content, fans are probably expecting something big because of the teaser.

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