Elden Ring Player Let Me Solo Her is Moving on to Fight Shadow of the Erdtree Boss

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  • YouTuber Let Me Solo Her helps players defeat Messmer the Impaler in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.
  • Messmer is now considered as challenging as Malenia, and is mandatory for story progression.
  • FromSoftware released an update to make the DLC easier, but fans can still rely on Let Me Solo Her for co-op assistance.

Legendary Elden Ring player, Let Me Solo Her, is pausing his Malenia runs to fight Shadow of the Erdtree boss Messmer the Impaler. Let Me Solo Her is a famous YouTuber known for helping hundreds of gamers defeat Malenia since Elden Ring was released in 2022.

Elden Ring‘s Malenia, Blade of Miquella was long considered the toughest boss to beat in the FromSoftware title. However, since the release of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, players have deemed new boss Messmer the Impaler to be as hard to conquer as Malenia. What’s even more discouraging about Messmer for some players is that, unlike Malenia, his boss fight is mandatory for story progression, so users are having a hard time completing the expansion solo.

Luckily for Elden Ring lovers, the iconic YouTuber Let Me Solo Her is now helping players defeat Messmer the Impaler. Let Me Solo Her, who goes by the name Klein Tsuboi online, has been streaming on his YouTube channel for the past few days aiding players with the hard boss. Before this, he did a “Final Malenia soloing stream”, implying that he’ll no longer focus on Malenia and that Messmer is his new target. His most recent video is even titled “Let me solo him”. This was to be expected since Let Me Solo Her had plans of retiring from Malenia back in February ahead of Shadow of the Erdtree release.

Elden Ring Legend Let Me Solo Her Helps Players Beat Messmer the Impaler

Like with his Malenia runs, Let Me Solo Her is defeating Messmer armored with only two katanas, a jar helmet, and a loincloth. Despite this getup, the player manages to deal great damage every time. Since Elden Ring came out two years ago, the YouTuber has reportedly fought Malenia over 6,000 times. When Shadow of the Erdtree was announced, Let Me Solo Her expressed curiosity for the red-haired Messmer the Impaler and the DLC’s difficulty.

Now that the expansion is out, some Elden Ring fans complained Shadow of the Erdtree is too hard and even advised others not to buy it. In an apparent response to the criticism, FromSoftware has released an update that should make the DLC easier for players overall. Publisher Bandai Namco also tipped gamers to level up Scadutree Blessing to beat the new bosses. Nevertheless, if all else fails, fans can now hope they encounter Let Me Solo Her in co-op so that he takes care of the dreaded Messmer the Impaler.

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