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  • Don’t Nod delays Lost Records: Bloom & Rage to early 2025 to avoid overlapping with Life is Strange: Double Exposure.
  • The narrative adventure game transports players to 1995 and explores themes of friendship, mystery, and self-discovery.
  • Don’t Nod aims to give both games enough space to shine independently and promises a memorable experience.

The former Life is Strange developer, Don’t Nod, has announced a delay for its upcoming title, Lost Records: Bloom & Rage, pushing the release to early 2025. Originally scheduled for the third quarter of 2024, the delay aims to avoid overlapping with the release of the new Life is Strange game.

Don’t Nod Entertainment is the former developer behind the narrative adventure game Life is Strange. It developed the game for publisher and franchise owner Square Enix. Currently, Don’t Nod is working on a new narrative adventure game titled Lost Records: Bloom & Rage, which was first expected to release for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC in late 2024. Meanwhile, Square Enix has tasked Deck Nine, another developer, with creating the next installment in the popular series, titled Life is Strange: Double Exposure, which is set to release on October 29.

In a recent Twitter update, Don’t Nod explained that the delay aims to give both Lost Records: Bloom & Rage and the new Life is Strange game enough space to shine independently. The studio acknowledged the excitement surrounding both titles and emphasized that the wait would be worth it. Oskar Guilbert, the CEO of Don’t Nod, elaborated on the decision in a note to the press. He highlighted the importance of giving each game the attention it deserves within the large community they have built. Guilbert assured fans that the delay would ultimately benefit the experience, promising that Lost Records: Bloom & Rage would become another memorable chapter in the Don’t Nod games universe.

Don’t Nod Delays New Game to Early 2025

According to its Steam page and Lost Records: Bloom & Rage‘s latest trailer, the game will transport players back to 1995. They will step into the shoes of Swann, a quirky introvert who loves to film her life with a camcorder, as she forms close bonds with three other girls. Together, they experience a summer full of unforgettable moments and dark discoveries in Velvet Cove. The story pivots to 2022, where the friends are reunited after 27 years to confront a long-buried secret that led to their estrangement. Players will navigate choices and shape the narrative across two timelines, exploring themes of friendship, mystery, and self-discovery.

By delaying Lost Records: Bloom & Rage, Don’t Nod aims to provide fans with the best possible experience for both its new title and the upcoming Life is Strange: Double Exposure. The studio remains committed to delivering games that captivate players as it has done before.

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