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  • Players miss Med-Mist and Chug Splash in Fortnite, hoping for their return to the game to shake up the meta.
  • Consumable items like Small Fry and foraged fruits in Fortnite are crucial for surviving until the final moments of a match.
  • The community eagerly awaits the return of Med-Mist and other vaulted items, with leaks hinting at possible future additions.

Some Fortnite players think Med-Mist and Chug Splash, two of the healing items vaulted by Epic Games, should be added back to the game. Fortnite has different types of items that are frequently added to or removed from the game’s pool. With these changes, Fortnite shakes the meta by creating new play possibilities and engaging the community with the debut of new items or the return of fan-favorite ones.

One type of Fortnite item that also makes it into the rotation is consumables, which, as the name suggests, depletes after being used by players. Fortnite‘s consumable items are intended to increase a player’s health, grant a shield or a temporary buff, and are fundamental for players to survive until the final moments of a match. Some examples include the Small Fry, a fish introduced in Fortnite Chapter 5 that restores part of the player’s health, or foraged items such as apples and bananas, which have the same function. Countless items have come and gone from Fortnite over the seasons and chapters, but there are two items that players think Epic Games should bring back to the battle royale.

Reddit user nateandco shared their frustration with the loss of Med-Mist and Chug Splash in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3. The player attributes the removal of the two items to the healing changes introduced by Fortnite Chapter 5, allowing players to heal themselves with Medkits, Shields, or Bandages while walking. But the OP wasn’t the only one to remember with sadness the absence of the healing item, as other players also expressed their unhappiness that the Med-Mist isn’t around anymore.

Fortnite Players Debat the Consumables They Miss Most

A significant portion of the comments said they too miss the Med-Mist, an item introduced in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, with some arguing that it should be a permanent healing item. Another Redditor explained that while Fortnite players can heal on the move using a Medkit, they do so by walking. The Med-Mist, on the other hand, allows healing while running, which would be a nice feature for Chapter 5 Season 3, which introduced new elements such as Nitro and vehicle mods, making matches more fast-paced.

Med-Mist allowed Fortnite players to heal themselves and their allies, but while the community laments that the item is no longer around, the future may hold positive news. A Fortnite leak has revealed items that could return soon, and the Med-Mist is among them. With Epic Games making regular adjustments to the availability of Fortnite items, players eagerly wait to see if a future update to the battle royale will finally add back the Med-Mist.

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