Minecraft Players Debate Which Scrapped Features They’d Like to See in the Game

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  • Mojang considers player feedback for new Minecraft updates, including adding scrapped features like Moobloom and birch forests.
  • Some scrapped ideas, like miner ghosts and sharks, were rejected to maintain Minecraft’s fantasy creature theme.
  • Despite regular updates, players still anticipate the addition of canceled features, like barnacles and the Illusioner mob.

Minecraft players have chosen Moobloom, Giant, and the Birch Forest as some scrapped features they would like to see added to the game. Mojang often releases minor updates for Minecraft, making corrections and improvements to deliver a better experience. But over the years, Mojang has also released several major updates, which stand out from the regular updates by bringing bigger content and changes to Minecraft.

But while Mojang works to add exciting new content, content is removed from Minecraft from time to time, considered but never added, or remains in the game for only a short time. Mojang once thought of adding miner ghosts to Minecraft to lead players through a cave but decided against it. Sharks, crocodiles, and alligators were ideas that Mojang rejected, arguing that Minecraft‘s hostile mobs need to be fantasy creatures. Another rejected hostile mob is the Mummy due to its similarity to the Husk, a Zombie variant that spawns in the desert. As a result, Minecraft players wait to find out if these scrapped features will finally be brought by Mojang at some point.

Reddit user _Hello_World_7 sparked a debate about the scrapped features Minecraft players would like to see added to the game. One Minecraft player mentioned Moobloom, a cow variant that would have added a new flower and interaction with bees if the Moobloom hadn’t lost the Minecraft Mob Vote. A second player said they missed the Giant, an oversized zombie that Minecraft tested, but eventually was axed. Other Minecraft players lamented the lack of being able to place a dispenser inside a minecart.

Players Remember Features Not Available in Minecraft

Other players recalled the cancellation of the birch forests, which were to be one of the features of Minecraft‘s Wild Update. Originally, Mojang shared the concept of tall birch trees with fungi and new flowers around them. Minecraft players also mention the Illusioner, a hostile mob illager first seen in Snapshot 17w16a. According to Mojang, the Illusioner “needs a rework,” which is why it was never officially added to Minecraft. Other players have lamented that the barnacle was never added to Minecraft, which they suggest could be the starting point for a major water-themed update, introducing a deeper ocean similar to Subnautica.

After much anticipation this year, Mojang released the Tricky Trails Update, which added new copper and tuff blocks, 20 paintings, and introduced the Mace to Minecraft players. With the routine of getting major updates from the devs, Minecraft is always receiving new features every year. As a result, Minecraft players wait to find out if these scrapped features will finally be added by Mojang at some point.

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