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  • MultiVersus devs are focused on improving Xbox performance, reducing desync rates, and removing gameplay loops with little counterplay.
  • Upcoming features for MultiVersus include a spectator mode, Free-For-All queue, and settings to adjust gameplay mechanics.
  • Players can look forward to a re-evaluation of the battle pass progression and access to PvE Rift rewards without having to co-op.

MultiVersus has teased the content of future updates, and players can expect several features in the coming months. As well as talking about what MultiVersus players will see coming to the game, the devs commented on their current priorities.

After going offline last year, MultiVersus made its anticipated comeback on May 28. With the launch of the 2D platform fighting game, Player First Games brought back the beta cast and popular newcomers such as Jason Voorhees and the Joker. Changes to MultiVersus monetization, a new battle pass, and the Rifts PvE mode were some of the additions available at launch. While MultiVersus players can entertain themselves in different modes, they noticed the absence of several features. But the devs have recently brought good news in this respect.

Player First Games has detailed the areas of MultiVersus it is currently working on. According to the devs, one of the priorities is to improve the MultiVersus performance on Xbox Series X/S, which has been suffering from problems such as severe frame rate drops and lengthy in-game pauses. Secondly, the devs are working to reduce desync rates, in an attempt to alleviate the issues that MultiVersus players are having with online multiplayer. Additionally, Player First Games is working on removing some gameplay loops that have little counterplay. With the release of update 1.02, the devs have aimed at these problems that have been plaguing MultiVersus players, and say that the patch “is a good step towards addressing” them.

What to Expect From MultiVersus in the Coming Months

Current Priorities

  • Improving performance on Xbox
  • Reduced match desynchronization rates
  • Removal of gameplay loops with little counterplay

Upcoming Features

  • Spectator in Custom Games
  • Free-For-All queue
  • Setting to swap neutral and forward attacks
  • Setting to turn off team colors
  • Setting to adjust input buffers
  • End-of-game stats
  • Option for players to keep their party together when going from PvP to Rifts/PvE (and back again)
  • Replay Button for Rifts/PvE to immediately start a node again
  • Dedicated neutral dodge button setting
  • Camera adjustments for 1v1 matches
  • Ranked mode
  • Re-evaluation of battle pass progression
  • Re-evaluation of battle pass XP distribution
  • Rewards from all PvE Rifts will be available without forcing co-op (co-op will guarantee rewards quickly)

In addition to the priority aspects, Player First Games has revealed the new MultiVersus content it is working on. The devs promise to share more information gradually, but the list revealed is significant and promises new features such as spectators in custom games and the return of Free-For-All. Available during the beta, players lamented the absence of Free-For-All at MultiVersus‘ launch. Other features in development include post-match statistics, camera settings for 1v1 matches, and options such as a dedicated neutral dodge button setting. The development team also promises that MultiVersus will have Ranked Mode, but this will take longer to happen, as they first want to “get their balancing right.”

As well as revealing several exciting new features coming in future updates, the devs addressed the progression of the MultiVersus battle pass. According to them, progression will be re-evaluated, as will the pass’s XP distribution. For MultiVersus Season 2, players will have access to the rewards of all PvE Rifts without being forced to co-op, while co-op will give the rewards faster.

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