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  • Dragonite plush made by Reddit user umbratundra impresses Pokemon fans for its huggable and poseable qualities.
  • The jumbo plush, 2-feet tall and with a 3D-printed resin head, showcases Dragonite’s imposing yet cute appearance.
  • Pokemon fans often get creative in making plush toys of their favorite characters, showcasing their love for the franchise.

Pokemon fan made an impressive jumbo Dragonite plush toy. With over 1,000 monsters in the series, many Pokemon fans love creating art inspired by their favorite characters.

Dragonite is a Dragon/Flying Pokemon from Generation 1, and the final evolutionary form of Dratini and Dragonair. In the latest mainline games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Dragonite is usually seen flying around an island somewhere in the ocean, and is also able to fly around the globe in only 16 hours. Many Dragon Pokemon-loving fans consider Dragonite as their favorite because it’s one of the strongest from the original 151 Pokemon, and its imposing yet cute appearance.

Dragonite has been the inspiration of many Pokemon fan creations, including a jumbo plush toy made by Reddit user umbratundra. The impressive toy is 2-feet tall and described as “a cross between a sculpture and a plush” made with a 3D-printed resin head and fuzzy fur for its exterior. They also uploaded a YouTube video showing the process of making the Dragonite plush, from painting the head to trimming the excess fuzz off the fur. The Pokemon fan also noted that the Dragonite plush is sturdy and poseable, but still very huggable.

Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive Dragonite Plush

In the comments, many Pokemon fans were impressed by umbratundra’s Dragonite plush, calling it “huggable” and “chonky.” Some also said that umbratundra’s plush looked similar to the one from the official Pokemon store, but slightly better because it can be posed. In the past, another Pokemon fan crocheted a Dragonite plush doll, which was also impressive and detailed.

This isn’t the first time Pokemon fans have made plush dolls of their favorite characters, and they often get creative with the execution. One fan crocheted a giant Mewtwo doll that they displayed in their office, while another copped a custom-made 17-feet Onix plush. This is definitely a unique way to create fan art, especially for artists who make custom plush toys of various sizes as their business.

Apart from its wide range of official merchandise, Pokemon has also collaborated with toy companies like Squishmallows and Build-a-Bear to create plush toys for certain Pokemon. Recently, it was teased that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Fuecoco and Bellibolt will be getting Squishmallows, following the success of previous Squishmallows featuring the likes of Pikachu and Gengar, among others. Pokemon fans can expect more adorable collaborations like this in the future, especially for those who are fond of collecting plush dolls.

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