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  • Get the new characters Maria Flores and Hands for $9.99 each or $17.99 for both in the bundle.
  • Say goodbye to Random Nodes, enjoy a Skill Tree rework in Texas Chain Saw Massacre with dedicated perks.
  • Fixes in perks like ‘Wait a Second’ and ‘Back for Blood’ ensure smoother gameplay in the horror game update.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre has released an update that adds two new characters to the game. These new Texas Chain Saw Massacre characters expand the cast of Victims and Family members and arrive with several adjustments that will impact players’ builds.

Released last year, developer Sumo Nottingham brings the dangers of the groundbreaking 1974 Texas Chain Saw Massacre movie to the gaming world. The gameplay revolves around an asymmetrical multiplayer horror experience that allows players to control one of the members of the notorious Slaughter Family, tracking down their victims. If they prefer to play as one of the victims, Texas Chain Saw Massacre players must use their wits to fight for their freedom. With the drop of the new Texas Chain Saw Massacre update, players have new content and adjustments to dig in.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre released an update on June 11 that brought two new DLC characters to the game. Maria Flores is the addition to the Victims cast that is available for $9.99 USD. Her Star Sign Ability is called Sweet Talk, and it makes Grandpa’s Sonar highlight Family members instead of Victims. Also available for $9.99 USD is Hands, the newest Family member who specializes in blocking off areas using different kinds of traps and metal objects. In addition to individual purchases, the new Texas Chain Saw Massacre characters can be purchased in a bundle for $17.99 USD.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Adds Characters and Brings Skill Tree Rework in New Update

  • New characters: Maria Flores and Hands
  • Individual character price: $ 9.99 USD
  • Bundle price: $ 17.99 USD
  • Leland Outfit Pack II: $ 4.99 USD

The new Texas Chain Saw Massacre update also released the Leland Outfit Pack II, which is available for $ 4.99 USD, and the Skill Tree rework. With this, the devs have removed Random Nodes from all Texas Chain Saw Massacre character builds, putting dedicated perks in their place. This way, Texas Chain Saw Massacre players will avoid the need to respec multiple times until they get the desired perk. Despite the rework, the level of Texas Chain Saw Massacre players’ perks will remain the same. Additionally, Texas Chain Saw Massacre has made adjustments to the “Wait a Second” and “Back For Blood” perks.

With the release of the new update, it was also revealed that the development team is working on further refining Texas Chain Saw Massacre‘s perks. One of the intended changes is how Grandpa’s perks work and are unlocked in the game. The devs also tease possible perk shifts, reworks, replacements, and even the addition of new perks for some Texas Chain Saw Massacre characters.


Changed: Removed Random Nodes

  • Random Nodes from every character’s Skill Tree have been removed
  • Players will have all characters respecced when the patch drops
  • Player’s perk levels will remain the same
  • For more details on these changes, read in the Community Hub here

Fixed: ‘Wait a Second’ Perk

  • We fixed the issue where the perk ‘Wait a Second’ did not work as described due to the perk triggering at the start of Nancy’s barbed wire animation
  • Now, ‘Wait a Second’ works as described:
    • Victims who mistakenly get tangled in barbed wire must wait 3/5/8 seconds before removing it. However, fellow Victims can help remove it right away.

Fixed: ‘Back for Blood’ Perk

  • We have fixed an issue with the perk ‘Back for Blood’ where health was not was not regained when attacking Grandpa
  • The perk will now function as described:
    • When sneak attacking Grandpa you decrease Family bond by an extra 10/20/30% and heal for 5/10/15% health

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