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Last Updated: 28 June 2024 “About Us, About Us.”

Here in Cityboy88 Gaming, we provide you with top-quality gaming entertainment ranging from the latest ins to the must go in an arcade. We believe that with good quality, comes a good gaming experience. Thus, allowing you to have a ball anywhere and anytime.

Started off from as an arcade warehouse… We own various retro and new arcade game machines over the years. Our founders have also venture into creating an arcade party space, Arcade Warehouse, offering a one of a kind experience to host a party or event. Arcade Warehouse was then close in 2009 due to some complication with the venue, and right after that, Cityboy88 Gaming was then born! Instead of returning as a party space, we aim to bring the same arcade gaming experience to your venue. Whether it’s a house, office space or event space, our arcade specialist can turn your space into a retro or futuristic gaming corner that fits to the theme that you want!

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