12-Year-Old YouTube Comment ‘Predicted’ Roblox’s Future

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A 12-year-old comment from a Roblox video on YouTube seems to have correctly predicted the future of the immensely successful video game.

Roblox fan recently discovered a comment on a 12-year-old YouTube video that has accurately predicted the future of the massively popular online game platform. The fact that these bold ‘predictions’ ended up coming true just goes to show how drastically Roblox has changed over the years, ever since its humble beginnings.

Despite being a household name nowadays, Roblox was initially released as a PC-only title back in 2006 and was met with little to no fanfare upon launch. It wasn’t until the second half of the 2010s that the online game platform truly started gaining notoriety throughout the gaming landscape. In that timeframe since its inception, Roblox underwent massive changes. The title went from being nothing more than a highly-limited, basic game creation tool to becoming one of the most in-depth, user-generated content platforms in the entire industry. As such, it’s often enjoyable to look through old social media posts that give a glimpse into what modern mega-hits like Roblox looked like in their early days. A recent discovery one fan has made involving one of these types of decade-old posts is further proof of this.

A Reddit user on the r/roblox subreddit that goes by the name SeAnIsCoOlIo, uploaded a screenshot of a 12-year-old post they spotted on a YouTube comment section that seemingly foretold Roblox‘s future. The comment in question, written by YouTube user sciroyo, was detailing the commenter’s thoughts about the game on a 2012 video that shows off a primitive build of its creation tool running on an iPad. Sciroyo stated that they thought Roblox‘s UI should have “a joystick like GTA” to control player characters with. They also went on to say that there should also be “a square button for jumping,” in addition to “a backpack at the bottom of the [iPad] screen” and a chat box below it. All of these UI features eventually ended up being added to the game in some shape or form.

Perhaps the most surprisingly accurate ‘prediction’ sciroyo made, however, was at the very end of their comment when they asked when voice chat would come to Roblox. Surely enough, in 2021, Roblox announced plans to introduce ‘safe’ voice chat to the online game platform over 9 years after this comment was made. It’s a pretty lucky coincidence that everything sciroyo asked for was eventually added to the game down the line, even though the addition of voice chat may have taken longer than they expected.

Roblox Has Changed A Lot Throughout The Years

Surprising predictions like these only scratch the surface of all the major going-ons in the world of Roblox. Just recently, for instance, the developers behind the online game platform announced that they’re going to be making major changes to how players create and sell 3D items in Roblox. Regardless of any future adjustments the Roblox developers may make, however, the content creation platform will likely not be declining in popularity anytime soon.