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Apex Legends removes one popular character from Three Strikes, the fan-favorite LTM featured in the Urban Assault Collection Event.

  •  Valkyrie has been removed from the Three Strikes LTM in Apex Legends due to a bug.
  •  Respawn continues support for Season 21 with the Urban Assault Collection Event.
  •  The removal of Valkyrie may impact the meta in the LTM, potentially boosting the popularity of Support Legends like Lifeline.

Respawn Entertainment has removed Valkyrie from the roster of playable characters in the Three Strikes LTM playlist in Apex Legends due to a bug. While this news will likely disappoint fans of the character, this should help create a more enjoyable gaming experience in the Apex Legends LTM, as this recent bug has caused many players to die while playing the mode.

While Season 21 of Apex Legends is already on the horizon, Respawn is not done supporting the current season with new content. Specifically, the developer launched the Urban Assault Collection Event in Apex Legends, adding new cosmetics and bringing back the fan-favorite Three Strikes LTM. While many players enjoy the mode, a previous bug impacting Valkyrie and those on her squad has reappeared. According to the community, this bug causes players to respawn at random locations on the map after dying if the Valkyrie on their team has previously used their Ultimate, Skyward Dive. Unsurprisingly, this has frustrated many in the game’s community, causing the developers to take action.

In a recent message on Twitter, Respawn revealed that it had removed Valkyrie from the Three Strikes mode in Apex Legends. Unsurprisingly, the decision resulted from the Ultimate bug impacting the character, and the developer has said it will continue to investigate the cause of this problem as the character sits out of the LTM. It is worth mentioning that Valkyrie is still playable in other modes, such as Mixtape and Ranked.

Apex Legends Disables Valkyrie in Three Strikes

Unfortunately, Respawn did not reveal an expected timeframe for the reinstatement of the character in Three Strikes. However, this roster change could shake up the meta in the LTM. According to the Apex Legends Status database, Valkyrie is the most picked Legend in the game at 9.9%. As a result of her removal, Support Legends like Lifeline and Newcastle might rise even higher in popularity due to the fast revive mechanic in the game mode.

In addition, the removal of the character is more impactful, considering that Apex Legends introduced the new Rumble beta with the Urban Assault Collection Event. This addition to the game, described as an “all-new asynchronous tournament system,” utilizes the Three Strikes game mode, meaning those wanting to check out the beta will have one less Legend available to choose from when selecting their ideal team composition in Apex Legends.

Hopefully, Respawn can figure out a solution to the Valkyrie bug so that players can access all the playable characters in the LTM. With the two-week Urban Assault Collection Event having started on April 23, the Three Strikes mode in Apex Legends should remain available until May 6.