Awesome Crossover Idea Puts a Halo Spin on Fallout’s Power Armor

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Fan-made designs for Halo Infinite armor draw inspiration from a variety of Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave power armor designs from Fallout.

Halo Infinite player with a clear affinity for the power armor in the Fallout franchise has designed a set of suits that would let Spartans fit right into post-apocalyptic America. These five different Halo Infinite armor types draw from different designs that both Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave members make use of throughout the Fallout games.

In general, the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave use different sets of power armor, with the Enclave’s suits having generally better stats overall. The history of the Brotherhood of Steel can be traced back to original Fallout, where it served as a faction that may offer assistance to the Vault Dweller, but won’t actually join them in combat. The Enclave doesn’t show up until Fallout 2, where it serves as the primary antagonist faction for the Chosen One.

The impressive designs introduced by Reddit user LuminousCactuz are were mostly hand-drawn with a bit of photo manipulation thrown in, and they pay homage to every set of power armor in Fallout 4, except the ones used by raiders. That means there are three Brotherhood sets of armor (the T-45, T-51, and T-60), as well as two suits of Enclave design (Advanced Power Armor Mark I and Mark II). Just like with traditional Fallout power armor (before the games implemented paint jobs), all five sets carry a relatively monochromatic gray color scheme, with the exception of the suit designed to resemble the T-51, which has a militaristic green across the upper chest and shoulder pieces.