Creative Minecraft Fan Designs a Unique Texture For Every Single Spawn Egg

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A Minecraft player creates textures for every spawn egg available in the game, giving them visuals to match their respective mobs.

A creative Minecraft fan has designed custom textures for every spawn egg available in the game. Over the years, Mojang has added a variety of mobs that have made the world of Minecraft progressively richer. While mobs in survival mode are seen in their natural habitats, Minecraft players can spawn multiple mobs via spawn eggs.

Spawn eggs were added way back in Minecraft‘s Adventure Update and can only be obtained in two ways. The first is to enter Minecraft‘s Creative Mode, with the player accessing the inventory to choose the egg of the mob they want to spawn, and the second is through commands. In all, Minecraft Bedrock Edition has 77 eggs, while the Minecraft Java Edition has 75 spawn eggs. To make the gaming experience even more colorful, one clever Minecraft player created new visuals for the spawn eggs.

Reddit user ProfessionalPrint377 made new textures for each Minecraft spawn egg. The image shared by the player shows the complete list, where each egg has a texture that matches its respective mob. The egg of Minecraft‘s iconic Enderman is black and has a purple eye, while the donkey and horse eggs have different colors, but the distinctive detail is the sign of a horseshoe on them. Another example of an egg to which the OP has given a different texture is that of the parrot, which has the same colors as the bird.

Minecraft Resource Pack Changes Spawn Egg Textures For More Colorful Versions

The Resource Pack, formerly known as the Texture Pack, is a system that allows Minecraft players to customize textures, music, models, languages, and other aspects of the game without coding, as is the case with Mod Packs. There are a wide variety of Resource Packs that completely change Minecraft, and they can be downloaded for free from specialized websites. Some give Mojang’s sandbox a simplified look, while others give it a striking medieval realism, and there are even Resource Packs that make the world of Minecraft more cartoonish.

The fan work got praise from other Minecraft players, who have pointed out how much easier it is to identify mobs through their textures. One example is the pig’s spawn egg, which in the artist’s version has an adorable snout, while the original version of the Minecraft passive mob egg only has different shades of pink. Thus, the resource pack created by ProfessionalPrint377 makes a subtle but interesting change to the experience of playing Minecraft.