Destiny 2 Fan Creates Incredible Colored Pencil Drawing of a Warlock

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A talented artist creates an impressive drawing of a Warlock from Destiny 2, utilizing colored pencils to create the stunning artwork.

  • A Destiny 2 fan creates a stunning Warlock drawing, impressing fans with detail and shading.
  •  Destiny 2 remains popular, with Guardians playing an important factor.
  •  The artist emilymeganxart revealed several details about the drawing, including the type of pencils used.

Destiny 2 fan has created a stunning drawing of a Warlock, using a variety of colored pencils to achieve the look. Since completing the impressive artwork, the user shared their interpretation of a Warlock with Destiny 2 fans, garnering praise for the drawing’s incredible detail and shading.

While it might be hard to believe, Destiny 2 was released in 2017, coming roughly three years after the original game was launched by Bungie. While the title has faced controversies throughout its time on the market, it has continued to have many fans. While there are various reasons for this sustained popularity, one contributing factor is the Guardians in Destiny 2 that players get to control on the battlefield.

In a post on Reddit, a user known as emilymeganxart shared a picture of their colored pencil drawing of a Warlock from the Destiny franchise. Based on the image, the artist appeared to choose an Arc theme for their Guardian, with the character fashioning what appeared to be the Crown of Tempest armor and Trinity Ghoul combat bow.

Colored Pencil Drawing of a Destiny 2 Warlock

When sharing this creation on Reddit, emilymeganxart revealed several details about the artwork. Specifically, they noted that Prismacolor soft core pencils were used to create the incredible shading in the drawing. Beyond the Warlock and galaxy in the background, the artist revealed the items on the perimeter of the paper were physical, and an official letter-making kit themed around Destiny was used for the stamp in the bottom left corner. In addition to detailing the pencils used in the drawing, the artist revealed that they plan to release a timelapse video detailing the effort put into the piece.

With this drawing of a Warlock complete, emilymeganxart has created colored pencil drawings of all the classes in the Destiny franchise. Like her Warlock, the Titan and Hunter drawings feature the Guardians brandishing iconic weapons and armor from the franchise. Impressively, the artist’s work goes beyond the Destiny universe, with some of their other art including drawings of the Master Chief and The Arbiter from the Halo series. They also drew an impressive picture of Aloy from the Horizon series.

This Warlock drawing comes at an exciting time for many Destiny 2 players, as The Final Shape expansion is on the horizon. After facing a delay, players will soon be able to experience what is expected to be the final chapter in the seasonal model of the Destiny franchise. While more is planned for after this expansion, it is safe to say that The Final Shape is likely to be a big event for the game’s universe.