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A clever Destiny 2 player creates a Titan Guardian customized armor ensemble that evokes the iconic DC comics assassin, Deathstroke.

  •  Destiny 2 player’s Deathstroke costume wows community with clever use of Titan armor pieces.
  •  Fans praise accurate recreation of Deathstroke’s iconic look, hope for more comic book cosplays.
  •  Creative use of Destiny 2 armor parts brings DC Comics assassin Deathstroke to life in-game.

The legendary DC Comics assassin Deathstroke has rallied to the defense of the Last City thanks to the efforts of a creative Destiny 2 player’s customized costume setup. The costume uses Destiny 2 Titan armor pieces that are fairly easy to access, and cleverly repurposes pieces meant to evoke an entirely different crossover franchise.

Destiny 2 players are renowned for their creativity in pursuing unique and fashionable custom armor outfits. They use the game’s wide selection of armor parts and color shaders to create costumes that resemble pop-culture figures, including iconic characters like Deathstroke. First introduced in the pages of The New Teen Titans in 1980 as “Deathstroke the Terminator,” Deathstroke is the alias of assassin Slade Wilson, a ruthless mercenary. The character is rumored to be on the release calendar for cooperative shooter Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, a clear acknowledgement of his status as an unforgettable DC character.

East_Dirt6917, a user on the DestinyFashion subreddit, revealed their own version of a Deathstroke-themed Titan costume and a few pieces of reference art. The Titan gear setup resembles some of the more modern Deathstroke costume designs that incorporate bulky sci-fi armor, rather than the more theatrical ninja-like costumes seen in his early comic book appearances. Commenters remarked that the costume strongly resembled the Deathstroke seen in Batman Arkham Origins.

Destiny 2 Deathstroke Titan Costume Evokes the Batman Arkham Series Version of the Character

The Deathstroke costume created by East_Dirt6917 nails the character’s most iconic costume elements: A two-tone black-and-orange color scheme and a strong focus on wearing many belts, pouches, straps, and menacing weaponry. The centerpiece is the premium Kaer Morhen Plate chest piece from the Destiny 2 The Witcher crossover event equipped with the Erebos Glance shader. The Kaer Morhen Plate includes a pair of Witcher swords on the model, perfectly recreating Slade Wilson’s habit of wearing one or more swords on his back. Meanwhile, the low-rarity RPC Valiant helmet replicates Wilson’s orange-and-black divided blocking when colored by the Vanguard Marshal shader. The rest of the outfit relied on the Iron Banner Iron Companion Gauntlets and the Hardened Basilisk Legplates, both colored with the Aposematism shader, and the sash-like utility belt from the Thunderhead Mark, colored with the Valkyrie Zero shader.

Commenters praised East_Dirt6917 and wondered if Bungie could ever be persuaded to include some more iconic comic book crossover cosmetics in the future. Other commenters offered suggestions to improve the costume further. One remark noted that a two-tone helmet with a true vertical color split was hard to find, but that the splash of color from the God of War-themed Godsbane Helmet from the Destiny 2 PlayStation collaboration armor line might make for a good substitute.