Destiny 2 Player Turns Their Warlock Into X-Men’s Magneto

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  • Destiny 2 players showcase impressive creative skills by transforming their Guardians into iconic pop culture characters like Magneto.
  • Reddit user iixVanquishxX impresses Destiny 2 community with detailed Magneto costume, using specific in-game items and shaders for authenticity.
  • Previous creations by iixVanquishxX include Teen Titans’ Raven, with players suggesting a Void setup for a complete Magneto experience.

Destiny 2 player shared their custom armor that gave their Warlock the appearance of X-Men‘s Magneto. The Destiny 2 community has great creativity to use the game’s resources and build the most impressive armor for their Guardians. As a result, Destiny 2 players often recreate famous pop culture characters within the game.

There are plenty of examples of impressive builds, such as the Destiny 2 player who turned their Guardian into Goku, and other players that made characters like Dune 2‘s Harkonnen soldier, and DC’s Deathstroke. This time, the character chosen by one player is Magneto, one of the most famous mutants from Marvel Comics. A big name in the X-Men stories, Magneto has made numerous appearances in productions such as the hit X-Men ’97. Owner of formidable powers of magnetism, Magneto is also remembered for being extremely protective of the mutant race, which has led him to make controversial decisions.

One of the latest creations from the Destiny 2 community comes from Reddit user iixVanquishxX, who turned their Warlock into X-Men‘s Magneto. The player gives the Warlock an impressive makeover that reproduces the iconic costume of one of the most powerful X-Men. The setup includes the purple cape and helmet with a design reminiscent of the Greek Corinthian helmet, which helps protect Magneto from telepathy and manipulation. Another notable detail is the colors of the customization created by the player, which not only reproduce Magneto’s appearance but give the Warlock a powerful look.

Fierce Destiny 2 Costume Transforms Warlock into X-Men’s Magneto

To make their setup possible, the OP used the Mistios Mask helmet, one of the cosmetics from the Destiny 2 x Assassin’s Creed crossover released in Season of the Seraph. The Warlock wears The Wrong Hands gloves, the Vakarian Strides boots, and the Mygalomorph Vest chest piece, part of the Halloween set, which recreates Magneto’s costume with impressive detail. The cape chosen by the player was the Phenotype Plasticity Cloak, with the set coming to life thanks to five different shaders. They are Buffer Overflow, Devil in the Details, Crucible Alazarin, Crucible Carmine, and Skitchpaint, a legendary shader introduced in Destiny 2 Season 15.

That isn’t the first time iixVanquishxX has created an impressive Destiny 2 custom armor in homage to a comic book character. Previously, they recreated Teen Titans‘ Raven in Destiny 2, achieving an impressive result. The same happened with their Magneto setup, which drew praise from other Destiny 2 players. One of the comments also suggested the Destiny 2 player try a Void setup with Gyrfalcon and The Manticore to “have their Magneto simulator.”