Diablo 4 Update 1.4.1 Causes Major Feature to be Temporarily Disabled

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  • Diablo 4’s Update 1.4.1 aimed to reduce gold costs for Masterworking gear, but has led to system issues.
  • Blizzard has disabled Masterworking temporarily and is working on a hotfix without specifying a release date.
  • Despite Season 4 issues with mounts, Diablo 4 has seen a surge in popularity with over 29,000 concurrent players on Steam.

The new Diablo 4 Update 1.4.1 has just been released, and it’s already facing issues, as Blizzard has confirmed that the recent Masterworking feature has been temporarily disabled. Masterworking is a new endgame crafting system recently added to Diablo 4, which allows gamers to use buff affixes to Legendary and Unique equipment, gaining more control over their ultimate gear. While liked by many players, the Masterworking system was controversial due to how much gold it made players spend.

Diablo 4’s Update 1.4.1 was recently implemented, making several changes to the game’s balance and promising to fix many bugs. One of the most noteworthy changes made by the new Diablo 4 patch was concerning the Masterworking system, and it aimed to reduce how much gold was spent on it. If the patch worked as intended, the Masterworking system would consume less gold starting on Rank 5. The decrease in gold costs would diminish up to Rank 12, where it would be 75% cheaper than before. However, it seems that these changes led to some kind of issue, breaking the system.

Now, Blizzard has revealed on its forums that Masterworking is currently disabled. Community Manager Adam Fletcher confirmed that the team is currently looking to provide a hotfix for the problem soon, but did not give any specific release date for solving the issue. At the moment, it’s unclear why Diablo 4’s new Update 1.4.1 broke the Masterworking system. However, there is already a workaround for players who want to use the endgame system, as players can run either any Pit level or transmuting materials to unlock the ability again.

Blizzard Announces Masterworking Is Currently Disabled After Diablo 4’s Update 1.4.1

The issues with Masterworking not working anymore are not the only problem that players have with the latest Diablo 4 season, though. Many players are currently unhappy with some changes to mounts in Diablo 4’s Season 4. It’s easy to find gamers complaining about this problem on social media, as they claim that their mounts have problems that have not appeared since Season 1. Examples include the duration of dashes being shorter than before, or some bugs happening while players use their mounts.

Despite the recent troubles with the 1.4.1 update, Diablo 4’s Season 4 has been very successful, marking the most popular time for the game since its release. Soon after the new Loot Reborn season started, Diablo 4 surpassed its previous player milestone on Steam, achieving over 29,000 concurrent players on the platform.