Disney Dreamlight Valley Fan Recreates Frozone’s Apartment From The Incredibles

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A Disney Dreamlight Valley player recreates Frozone’s home from The Incredibles, which is a place that many fans of the movie recognize.

  • A fan of Disney Dreamlight Valley recreates Frozone’s iconic apartment from The Incredibles, complete a nod to the famous “Where’s my super suit?” scene.
  •  Players are using the customization tool to recreate missing Disney characters like Frozone, adding personal touches to enhance their gaming experience.
  •  While The Incredibles have not yet been added to Disney Dreamlight Valley, fans can still enjoy Incredibles-inspired cosmetics and decorations in the game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley player recreated Frozone’s apartment from The Incredibles. The superhero’s home is the setting for the iconic “Where’s my super suit?” conversation between Frozone and his wife. Now, it’s immortalized in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

When Disney Dreamlight Valley was first released on Early Access back in 2022, it had already introduced a wide range of Disney and Pixar characters and biomes based on their movies. But with a century’s worth of Disney content, Disney Dreamlight Valley is still missing several characters, so many fans are using the customization tool to recreate them.

One character who hasn’t shown up in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Frozone from The Incredibles, so a player named disimyy recreated the superhero and his apartment in the game. In a Reddit post, they showcased their interpretation of Frozone’s home using available furniture in Disney Dreamlight Valley, including a mannequin where the super suit should be displayed. The avatar is also wearing the same blue turtleneck that Frozone wore in the movie, and disimyy also recreated his iconic super suit.

Many Disney Dreamlight Valley fans expressed their appreciation for disimyy’s Frozone creation, noting that “Where’s my super suit?” is their favorite scene in The Incredibles. One also said that it would be OP if Disney Dreamlight Valley players could ice-skate around the world like Frozone.

Are The Incredibles in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The Incredibles is one of the most popular superhero families out there, but Gameloft hasn’t added the characters to Disney Dreamlight Valley yet. However, players can dress their avatars with the iconic red Inrcredibles super suit and mask, and even decorate their space with the Elasticycle and Mr. Incredible’s Retro Suit Display. Disney Dreamlight Valley players can also have IncrediSquirrel as their animal companion, which is a squirrel wearing an Incredibles suit.

  • Clothing: High-Boot Incredibles Suit, Incredibles Super-Mask, Low-Boot Incredibles Suit
  • Animal Companion: IncrediSquirrel
  • Furniture: Elasticycle, Mr. Incredible Retro Suit Display

It’s still unknown if and when Disney Dreamlight Valley will add The Incredibles to the current roster. Recently, Disney Dreamlight Valley teased that it’s adding Daisy Duck soon, and players are also expecting more new characters and biomes as Act 2, titled “Spark of Imagination,” launches in Spring 2024. The Incredibles fans might have to wait a while before Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces an opportunity to include the super family in a storyline. For now, fans can enjoy the Incredibles-inspired cosmetics.