Entertaining Call of Duty: Warzone Clip Proves That Kind Acts Can Pay Off

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An entertaining Call of Duty: Warzone clip highlights one way that kind acts in the competitive battle royale can still pay off at times.

  •  Warzone players engaging in kind acts can lead to unexpected and entertaining moments.
  •  For instance, one player recently shared a self-revive with an enemy they downed in a solo match, before the player went on to return the favor.
  •  With many Warzone players being out for themselves, especially in solos, moments like this are as rare as they are fun.

An entertaining Call of Duty: Warzone clip shows two players exchanging Self-Revive kits after downing each other. Since Call of Duty: Warzone was released, some unexpected occurrences have taken place, and this one shows that kind acts can still pay off.

Call of Duty: Warzone received proximity chat a few years back, which resulted in some hilarious and unique moments. Some of the infamous proximity chat clips include gamers teaming up to gain an advantage, whispering to each other to act sneaky, and utilizing deceptive language to access some easy loot. While proximity chat is used by fewer players now, Warzone is still full of entertaining moments. The Self-revive is typically used by players who have been shot down to return to life and potentially come back and win the game. One gamer has exchanged a Self-Revive with a player they defeated only to get it back after the stranger defeats them, with both players communicating without the use of proximity chat.

Reddit user TheDarkZEK recently shared a clip in which they give a downed enemy a Self-Revive Kit only to get it back later. The video begins with the player aiming through a doorway and getting shot as the enemy runs past the narrow passage. The player then enters another room and quickly leaves it, with their enemy chasing them and eventually being downed by a shotgun. After the player recovers with Warzone Armor Plates and reloads their weapon, they open the menu and drop a Self-Revive to the crawling foe. The clip then cuts to the player moving around a different building as the same enemy downs them with a flurry of shots. Paying the gamer back, this Warzone gamer also drops a Self-Revive for them.

What Happened After This Exchange?

As the clip concludes with both players running in opposite directions as the circle closes, it’s unclear if one of the revived gamers was able to win the match. With both gamers using a similar playstyle, they made for perfect rivals, especially with the added wholesome exchanges. TheDarkZEK confirmed that this player downed them once more and offered to heal them again, but they requested to be finished off. The gamer also stated that they didn’t expect their opponent to return the favor like they did. As both of them are found alone, this video was likely created in a Warzone Rebirth Island solo match.

Because Call of Duty: Warzone is a battle royale with tense conflict, it’s uncommon for moments like this to happen during Season 3. Still, given that the Self-Revive has been a prominent feature of Warzone since the beginning, moments like this could happen again in the future.