Epic Games Boss Teases Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Theme

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  • Epic Games’ Mark Rein dropped the word “Nitro,” hinting at a potential post-apocalyptic theme for the next Fortnite season.
  • Fans speculate on a possible Mad Max collaboration based on leaks and Mark’s hint, relating “Nitro” to the speed boost mechanic.
  • Past hints from Mark have led fans to believe that “Nitro” could simply refer to a new in-game mechanic rather than a full collaboration.

Epic Games co-founder Mark Rein has revealed an interesting hint for the next Fortnite season, dropping the word “Nitro” when a fan asked him to describe it. This is not the first time that Mark has teased fans, as he is well-known for giving mysterious clues in the past as well right before the start of a new Fortnite season.

Fortnite events are always no less than a spectacle for fans, and the live event leading up to Chapter 5 Season 3 didn’t disappoint as well. From showcasing the real power of Zeus to the strange disappearance of Pandora’s Box in the Styx River, the event managed to build the right amount of hype for the upcoming season. As fans await more details about the release of Chapter 5 Season 3, Epic Games has dropped yet another interesting piece of information about the update.

In a new tweet, Vice President and Co-Founder of Epic Games Mark Rein further added to the ambiguity around the theme of the next season by giving fans an interesting clue. When asked by a fan to give a word to the upcoming season, Mark replied with the word “Nitro.” Considering what leaks have suggested so far, this is not really a surprising word to see, as rumors about a post-apocalyptic themed Fortnite season have been making rounds for quite a while now.

Mark Rein’s Customary Hint Fuels Mad Max Collab Rumors

In fact more than just the theme, the previously leaked Fortnite roadmap had suggested that a Mad Max collaboration could be on the cards. As highlighted by a couple of fans, nitro is a pretty common term in the Mad Max franchise, used multiple times for the speed boost mechanic cars get. Precisely, nitro is a short term for nitrous oxide, which is used in an internal combustion engine to provide more oxygen to the engine. This causes the horsepower of cars to increase, giving it a speed boost.

Fans are already debating what this hint could entail, with a few even suggesting that tying it in with the Mad Max collaboration could be a stretch, as it could simply be referring to an item for cars. The fact that Mark had revealed the word “Wings” for the last season, which ended up being a reference to Fortnite’s Wings of Icarus, further consolidates this theory that it could be a mere mechanic which Mark is alluding to. With just a week to go before the launch of the next season, all the mysteries will be unraveling pretty soon.