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A Fallout 4 player clips a moment in which a typically inanimate pre-war car swings wildly at them as they snipe some nearby Synths.

  •  Fallout 4 gamers encounter bizarre car bugs, like killer cars in the Boston Commonwealth.
  •  A player was assassinated by a glitchy, animated car in Fallout 4, leading to a strange death.
  •  Bethesda’s next-gen update for Fallout 4 may impact car glitches like this one.

Fallout 4 player has shared a clip in which a vehicle swings wildly at their unsuspecting character. Fallout 4 gamers have spotted many different bugs in the game, but this may be one of the strangest car-related ones.

Since the game was released, many Fallout 4 players have shared experiences with bugs. These vary and include talking dogs, a Diamond City that looks like Hell, and a blurred user interface. Some of these glitches also involve the cars in the game. The Boston Commonwealth is littered with cars from before the nuclear apocalypse that kicks off the series. Sometimes when players run too close to a Fallout 4 car, their characters bizarrely die. One gamer spotted a car that killed them when it became animated and swung straight into them.

Reddit user Andyboi96 recently shared a clip of their adventures in Fallout 4‘s Boston Commonwealth. The video begins with the player approaching a red car and aiming their scoped Pipe rifle. These rifles are fairly common in the open world, but they’re typically weak without applying different modifications to them. The player then unloads eighteen shots at two nearby Synths after scoping in on them. One of the Synths is killed, and just as the gamer aims to finish off the other one, the scope shows the red car they’re using for cover. Their character is then hit by the vehicle and set flying to their death in a bizarre animation.

What Happened to This Car to Result in the Player’s Death?

The red car in Andyboi96’s clip appears to be affected by one of Fallout 4‘s many glitches. While many cars can be blown up by enemies and turned into the equivalent of a bomb being used on the player, these cars don’t typically move around the environment. The vehicle also appears to stop moving once the player is defeated. Because the gamer was seemingly on their way to a quest marker, this death may have resulted in losing progress due to reverting to an earlier save. This player would have at least lost the Synth kill and potentially won’t get the same outcome when they return to the same spot.

While the Fallout 4 next-gen update has improved the game in many ways, issues have also popped up since its release. Because of this, cars in the environment like this may have been impacted. As Bethesda continues to patch the game, bugs like this may be resolved in the future.