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A new Fallout: New Vegas mod overhauls the animations for nearly every gun in the game, improving the shooting experience greatly for fans.

  •  The New Vegas Animation Overhaul mod for Fallout: New Vegas changes nearly every gun animation to resemble modern first-person shooters.
  •  Despite its age, Fallout: New Vegas maintains a strong mod scene, attracting both new players and old fans seeking fresh content.
  •  The mod compiles existing weapon animation tweaks into one pack, streamlining the modding process by combining separate downloads.

One of the most popular new mods for the classic RPG Fallout: New Vegas is leaving its mark on virtually every gun in the game. The mod makes comprehensive tweaks to the weapon animations for almost all the Fallout: New Vegas guns, drawing attention from fans looking to inject some new life into the old game.

Despite being close to fourteen years old and characterized even by its fans as “geriatric,” Fallout: New Vegas continues to maintain an active and healthy mod scene. Some are newer players trying out the game for the first time, brought in by the Amazon Fallout TV adaptation. Many are old fans looking to find or create new content to spice up repeated playthroughs with.

Such is the case with the New Vegas Animation Overhaul mod created by community modders. In keeping with its prosaic title, the mod heavily tweaks the animations for nearly every gun in the game, making the game’s weapon animations appear much more like those of a contemporary first-person shooter like Battlefield or Call of Duty. The mod launched on May 2, 2024, but quickly rocketed to the top of the trending charts on the Nexus, the largest Fallout: New Vegas mod repository. One of the mod’s creators also uploaded a nearly 24-minute supercut of all the altered animations on YouTube.

Top Fallout: New Vegas Mod Overhauls Almost Every Gun Animation

The mod compiles a massive list of previously existing weapon animation tweaks created by the modders Rockbiter68, Hitman47101, and Stentorious into one pack. The tweaks affect almost every single gun in the game, an impressive feat considering that Fallout: New Vegas and its DLC has the largest selection of guns in the entire series. The potential armory a player can amass in the game ranges from Wild West-inspired revolvers and modern-style assault rifles to a massive machine gun powered by the brain of a cybernetic dog.

A few weapons were left out of the massive mod’s initial release. These included items that don’t really qualify as guns, like Euclid’s C-Finder (which is a targeting laser for an orbital weapon), and some more unique designs, like the iconic Fallout Railway Rifle, which shoots railway spikes as its ammunition. However, the mod description does promise further updates to add the excluded weapons, once updated animations for them are completed.

Fans were quick to praise the mod and give it endorsements on the Nexus, highlighting how it brings together many separate mods. Previously, assembling such a collection of tweaks required potentially dozens of separate downloads and installations, making the process of modding Fallout: New Vegas more complex and prone to instability. Compiling them as a single package increases its convenience and reliability.