Fortnite Leak Reveals Original Idea for Pandora’s Box in Chapter 5 Season 1

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Concept art for the original idea for Fortnite’s Pandora’s Box is revealed, showing off a much different mechanic for opening it.

  • Fortnite leak reveals original idea for Pandora’s Box during Greek mythology themed season.
  •  Players attacked box to open a portal for building materials, changing gameplay temporarily.
  •  Leaker HYPEX shared concept art, original design would include panels revealing teasers one by one.

Fortnite leak revealed on May 6 shows off the original idea for Pandora’s Box in the game. Fortnite is in the middle of a Greek mythology themed season, with Pandora’s Box being part of the central focus. Near the end of Chapter 5 Season 1, a Titan’s Hand pulled the box out of the ground during a live event on March 2.

Players attacked the box until it broke open, less than 24 hours after it was revealed. With it, a vortex burst forth from it, which included a bug allowing players to build in Zero Build mode. Eliminating NPCs and moving through the vortex flowing out of the box allowed players to receive materials to build in the game mode, which was meant to remove the building mechanic.

Pandora’s Box, which, according to ancient Greek legend was given to Pandora, who was instructed to never open it. She eventually did, which freed all the evils of the world. However, in Fortnite, it was supposed to open very differently. The original design for the box was revealed on May 6 by Twitter user HYPEX, a well known and credible Fortnite leaker. He revealed some concept art for the box by Senior Environment Concept Artist, Samuel Williams, which depicts Pandora’s Box with multiple panels. Each of these panels had a chain that, when broken, would reveal teasers one by one after they were destroyed. Instead, the final design had one big chain over the whole box, challenging players to open it by smashing it.

Fortnite’s Pandora’s Box Was Originally Supposed To Work Very Differently

After destroying the chains that held Pandora’s Box, it signaled the start of the next season. Epic Games, however, delayed Fortnite‘s long awaited season at the last minute. Season delays aren’t anything new to Fortnite, which can be tough to time with the strict deadlines for such a huge live service title. Fans of Fortnite are glad that Epic Games went with one chain instead. Some players have said they prefer having all the teasers drop alongside the chest being opened. It’s a wonder if fans would have been frustrated with the original design, or if it would have taken the community even longer to open.

HYPEX has a long history of providing Fortnite leaks ahead of their official release, such as when Billie Ellish was teased ahead of her Fortnite Festival debut. He also revealed much about the Star Wars-related cosmetics that came as part of Fortnite’s yearly celebration of “May the 4th,” the Star Wars holiday, in reference to a Jedi saying from the franchise. Players have a lot to look forward to in season 3, including Fall Guys-related content coming to the game. Chapter 5, Season 3, is scheduled for release on May 24.