Funny Starfield Glitch Forces Player to Search The Ocean For a Chunks Shop

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  • Starfield player encounters ocean glitch while searching for Chunks shop with secret sauce.
  • Recent update fixes bugs and boosts player count, hype for Shattered Space expansion grows.
  • Despite glitches, Starfield’s immersive universe and gameplay offer hours of futuristic exploration.

Starfield player ran into a funny glitch that led them to the ocean while looking for a Chunks shop. Chunks in Starfield are a popular type of food item consumed across the in-game galaxy, and they consist of cubes of various flavors that suit people’s tastes.

Starfield had initially come out to positive reviews and was even announced as the most-played current-gen game ever, but the hype fizzled a little as players found various bugs, glitches, and issues. Fortunately, the well-received Starfield May update fixed a number of these concerns and improved the game experience by a lot, resulting in a boosted Starfield player count in recent weeks. The buzz for Starfield is also a high at the moment as the release date for the game’s first expansion Shattered Space draws closer.

Redditor BetterOffZen shared their gameplay footage on r/Starfield in which they were on a quest to find a specific Chunks store that had the brand’s secret sauce. Thanks to the procedurally generated system of Starfield, however, they were surprised to find that the particular vendor actually spawned in the middle of the ocean. Despite this clear inconvenience, the NPC still functions as intended, only that BetterOffZen’s player character had to swim to talk to her.

The Starfield NPC In Water Glitch Apparently Happens All The Time

This sort of glitch apparently happens all the time in Starfield. While many Redditors made their expected jokes, comparing the game’s Chunks stores to an ubiquitous fast food chain in the real world, other players also chimed in the Reddit thread describing how similar incidents have happened to them. One even said that they’re thankful that they weren’t the only one this Starfield water bug happened to. As with nearly all games over the history of gaming, sometimes bugs really can’t be avoided — it’s a good thing that most of the glitches in Starfield seem to just be relatively harmless.

As it comes to more improvements in Starfield, the much-awaited next major step forward for the game has finally been revealed with the recent release of the official trailer for Shattered Space. The new expansion will center on the city of Dazra, the capital of House Va’ruun on the planet Va’ruun’Kai. The story that’s been previewed so far involves a new cosmic threat which players will have to explore and neutralize, promising to give fans more hours of gameplay to sink their teeth into.