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A new hotfix is live in Gray Zone Warfare, which although popular, has experienced some bugs and issues following its early access launch.

  •  Gray Zone Warfare Hotfix 3 has been released, fixing issues with crashing, canceling matchmaking, and player character heads and clothing disappearing.
  •  Developer Madfinger Games values community feedback for Gray Zone Warfare, while also focusing on customization and AI improvements.
  •  The game now has a mixed Steam ratings due to bugs and stability issues, but fans are excited for future updates and optimizations.

Developer Madfinger Games has released a new update, Hotfix 3, for Gray Zone Warfare. The hotly anticipated tactical first-person shooter MMO game launched in early access on April 30. Many features announced for the full release of Gray Zone Warfare are the result of community feedback. These include customizable player bases and gear, a dynamic weather system, a trading system, and a dynamic NPC AI system that alters behaviors based on weather conditions, time, and the situation players are in.

Madfinger Games has expressed its excitement to hear player feedback on Gray Zone Warfare and ultimately deliver the best version of the game possible. While Gray Zone Warfare is already a big hit, currently in the top six sellers on Steam, it does not come without its flaws. Players have been quick to point out bugs in Steam reviews and in response to community outreach on social media.

Gray Zone Warfare Hotfix 3 is now live. The developer advises players to exit the game and restart Steam, and encourages players to tell their other squad members to update to ensure everything works as intended. The hotfix takes care of issues such as crashing, unintentionally canceling matchmaking, and player characters’ heads and clothing disappearing after rejoining servers. Fans are excited to continue playing, and many gamers have complimented the team on its responsiveness. There are ways to fix some crashes and lag in Gray Zone Warfare, but fans may need to count on the developer to handle more issues as early access continues.

As more issues with bugs and overall stability have been uncovered, ratings on Steam have shifted to “Mixed,” though many players appear to be happy with the game’s overall content, citing the bugs as the main problem. Although there are fixes for several of the issues, some people are encountering an unfortunately common Gray Zone Warfare network error (0x00030004) that has some potential fixes but may ultimately need to be tackled by the developers at Madfinger.

Many gamers have also experienced issues with excessive CPU usage, and the fix for that may depend on the specific system being used, while using the best Gray Zone Warfare performance settings possible may improve problems with game optimization that some players are reporting. Nevertheless, fans are looking forward to playing more stable versions of Gray Zone Warfare despite the problems some have encountered with the game, and Hotfix 3 is another step in that direction.

Gray Zone Warfare Hotfix #3 Patch Notes


  • [Fixed] An issue that prevented players from canceling matchmaking.
  • [Fixed] A crash in the friends panel when searching for friends.
  • [Fixed] A common ui crash.
  • [Fixed] Several other, more general client and server crashes.
  • [Fixed] An issue where players lost their head, clothes, or containers after rejoining a server.
  • [Fixed] An issue where the dlc apparel would appear in the stash after claiming.


  • [Changed] Optimized server connections to prioritize joining already running servers.