Helldivers 2 Player Reveals Helpful Strategy That Makes Killing Bile Titans Easier

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A Helldivers 2 player shares game-changing strategy to beat the Bile Titan using two of the most powerful strategems in the game.

  • Learn how to defeat Bile Titans in Helldivers 2 by anticipating their spit attacks and cleverly using powerful Stratagems.
  •  Position yourself strategically, time your attacks, and use 500kg Bomb or Orbital Precision Strike to deal massive damage to these tough enemies.
  •  Share and discover new tactics with the Helldivers 2 community to take down Bile Titans, adapt to patch changes, and create more effective strategies.

Helldivers 2 player shared the perfect strategy for defeating the formidable Bile Titans with ease. Helldivers 2 is renowned for its intense cooperative gameplay and challenging enemies and poses significant challenges for players, particularly when facing off against the Bile Titans.

Bile Titans, vicious enemies in the game, have long troubled players due to their resilient nature and devastating attacks. They are considered one of the toughest enemies to beat in the game, and players are always trying to come up with new tactics to beat the Bile Titans in Helldivers 2. Recently, a savvy player has cracked the code to effectively take down these menacing creatures. By observing the Bile Titans’ movement patterns and understanding their attack behaviors, this player has devised a strategic approach to exploit their vulnerabilities.

On a Reddit post, WhiteRaven_M shared that the key to this newfound success lies in anticipating the Bile Titans’ spit attacks, which have a predictable range of approximately 20 meters. By strategically positioning themselves and timing their attacks, players can land devastating blows using powerful Stratagems like the 500kg Bomb and Orbital Precision Strike. These are two of the most powerful stratagems in Helldivers 2.

Beating the Bile Titans With an Eagle 500KG Bomb or the OPS

The player suggests others use this strategy as soon as a Bile Titan crawls out of a breach, which indicates that the spit attack is ready. According to the Reddit post, players should ping a Bile Titan to see the distance, and when it’s around 25–30 meters away, they should throw a 500KG Bomb or an OPS on the ground. Then players should walk 22 meters away from the beam and wait as the Bile Titan walks toward the player. When it’s 20 meters away, the creature will start doing its spitting animation at the exact same place where the 500KG Bomb/OPS was placed. After the animation has started, it’s fine to move because it won’t make the Bile Titan walk toward the player, and the strategem placed on the ground will go off and deal massive damage to the creature.

Other players in the community are also constantly looking for clever ways to deal with Helldivers 2‘s Bile Titans and the comments section reflects that by offering more strategies and experiences. Players discuss techniques like diving away from 500kg bombs, which surprisingly increases survival rates, and even debate the mechanics of explosive resistance. Most players mention that it’s possible to stay closer to the beast when the bomb goes off, because explosion damage is significantly smaller when a player goes prone.

Other players suggest agile movements instead of staying 20 meters away. A lot of them would choose to stay closer to the Bile Titan and dive or crawl on the ground when the bomb goes off. This gives them an opportunity to use other strategems and weapons to deal even more damage. With the balancing changes for strategems and weapons in Helldivers 2 patch 01.000.300, players are sure to come up with more tactful gameplay attacking strategies in Helldivers 2.