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An image compares the Fallout 4 and Fallout TV series’ Prydwen commanded by the Brotherhood of Steel, highlighting similarities and differences.

  • Fallout franchise fans are pleased with accurate Prydwen depiction in Amazon Prime series.
  •  Brotherhood of Steel’s Prydwen in show and game has similarities but notable differences in design and color.
  •  Fallout 4 players may see more Prydwen in Season 2 of Amazon Prime series, as franchise continues to grow in popularity.

An image has highlighted the similarities between the Fallout 4 and Fallout Amazon Prime series’ iterations of the Brotherhood of Steel’s Prydwen. The Prydwen is revealed early on in Fallout 4 and the Fallout series, and this side-by-side spotlights the show’s accurate depiction.

The Fallout series has broadened the scope of franchise fans since it was released on Amazon Prime Video. This has fittingly expanded the number of Fallout 4 players drastically, with the game seeing statistics it hasn’t since its release. Given that Bethesda was involved in the show’s creation, many accurate details existing fans can appreciate more than new fans. The Brotherhood of Steel plays a major role in this series and Fallout 4. One image shared online compares the Brotherhood of Steel’s Prydwen in the series to its in-game counterpart.

Reddit user Ryder7667 recently shared a side-by-side comparison of the Fallout 4 Prydwen commanded by the Brotherhood of Steel and the latest iteration of it from the show. While Power Armor is the iconic Brotherhood of Steel indicator, the Prydwen is the faction’s massive flying aircraft carrier that includes various amenities. The Prydwen doesn’t have a massive role in the series, but it’s a central hub in Fallout 4 for players that join the Brotherhood of Steel. This image shows that there are some notable differences though, including its shape, undercarriage, and its color.

Some things that both versions of the Prydwen have in common are the Vertibirds flying to and from it, the cockpit appearing to be the same shape and in the same place, and the catwalk between parts of the airship being similarly visible. More cables or ropes are visible in the TV series Prydwen, and its side panels jut out more than the in-game interpretation. The Fallout 4 Vertibirds are also depicted as much closer in size to the Prydwen than the ones in the show. While the side-by-side shows the in-game version of the Prydwen to be very luminous, the one in the show is much darker and more foreboding.

As the Prydwen serves the same purpose in both media forms, the showrunners haven’t taken any major liberties in the adjustments. Because the Fallout Brotherhood of Steel continues to play a role throughout the series, fans may see more of the airship in Season 2. While Fallout 4 has seen an increase in players, it’s currently unclear if the in-game Prydwen will serve more of a purpose in the future.