LG Releasing New OLED Gaming Panels With ‘First-Ever’ Features

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LG announces the development of a new OLED display that uses brand-new technology and has already started its mass production.

  •  LG Display has developed a new OLED gaming panel with unique features allowing users to choose between refresh rate and resolution.
  •  OLED panels offer independent pixel lighting, perfect black colors, and fast response times for an immersive gaming experience.
  •  The new OLED gaming panels feature Dynamic Frequency and Resolution technology, META 2.0, and Thin Actuator Sound technology for better visuals and audio.

LG Displaywhich is one of the leading innovators of display technologies in the world, has announced the development of an OLED gaming panel, using the first-ever features that allow users to choose between refresh rate and resolution. Not only is the development of the gaming panel complete, but mass production started earlier this month with the 31.5-inch panel, and will follow-up with 27-inch and 34-inch monitors, so eager PC gamers shouldn’t have too long to wait.

The gaming OLED panel is a type of technology designed for specific use in gaming. The OLED acronym stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode, and unlike traditional LCD panels, OLED panels are self-emissive. This means that each pixel can light up independently, thus being capable of producing the perfect black color and wide viewing angles, which is useful in the best gaming monitors and the best LG TVs on the market. Additionally, OLED panels offer fast response times, with the ultra-high refresh rate ones developed by LG having a response time of 0.3 seconds, which refers to the speed at which pixels change color.

In a recent press release, LG has announced the development of a new OLED gaming panel with first-ever features that has already begun mass production. These features include allowing users to choose between a high refresh rate of up to 480Hz for fast-paced games such as FPS or racing games, which is on par with a newly revealedLGgaming monitor. Alternatively, users can use the high-resolution mode of UHD∙240Hz for watching movies or other high-definition content.

LG Display Develops New Technology for OLED Displays

LG has managed to accomplish this by developing Dynamic Frequency and Resolution technology. This technology allows users to adjust the image processing speed and prioritize refresh rate over resolution, or vice versa, which makes them some of the best monitors for FPS gaming. Aside from these features, the new OLED gaming panels will be enriched with other LG technologies. To elevate the immersive gaming experience with better visuals and audio, the META 2.0 technology and Thin Actuator Sound technology will be added to the panels.

The two main drawbacks of OLED gaming monitors, compared to traditional LCDs, are the burn-in and higher cost. Burn-in is caused when static images are displayed on the screen for long periods of time, which is not the intended use of new LG OLED gaming panels. When it comes to pricing, LG has not yet revealed any price ranges users can expect for the LG gaming monitors using the new OLED display technology.