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Marvel Rivals reveals Hela’s abilities, and gives players a preview of what the Goddess of Death’s gameplay will be like in the 6v6 shooter.

  • Marvel Rivals trailer showcases Hela’s abilities, including daggers, teleport, and area damage orb.
  •  The game features classic Marvel characters like Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Black Panther in 6v6 matches.
  •  Players can expect references to well-known Marvel locations, destructible environments, and three character classes.

Marvel Rivals has released a new trailer revealing Hela’s abilities and gameplay. This year, players were surprised by the unveiling of Marvel Rivals, a shooter that pits Marvel heroes and villains against each other in 6v6 matches. Although Marvel Rivals doesn’t yet have a confirmed release date, players are already looking forward to checking out the game.

Putting a Marvel spin on the team-based shooter formula, Marvel Rivals maps will reference well-known Marvel locations to players, such as Yggsgard and Tokyo 2099, along with destructible environments. The roster is made up of famous characters such as Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Storm, Black Panther, and Namor. Players are quite curious to know anything about the looks and abilities of the Marvel Rivals characters, and NetEase recently satisfied this curiosity with a sneak peek of one of the characters that will be available in Marvel Rivals.

Marvel Rivals has unveiled a new trailer showcasing Hela’s abilities and gameplay. The Goddess of Death throws her daggers as primary fire, while alternate fire makes Hela throw a series of daggers at once, hitting enemies from a distance. Hela has a distinctive teleport, where she transforms into one of Odin’s ravens and deals damage from above. Hela can cast an orb that deals area damage, and with her ultimate, the iconic Marvel villain Hela flies into the air and shoots four larger orbs at the ground, dealing significant damage to enemies.

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Like other Hela appearances over the years, including the version of Hela played by Cate Blanchett in the MCU, Marvel Rivals‘ Hela wears her iconic green costume with the crown that gives her an even more intimidating presence. As in other versions, Hela appears in the Marvel Rivals trailer carrying her sword as she unleashes her attacks on her opponents. Fans previously saw another Asgard-related announcement, with Marvel Rivals confirming Loki in the shooter’s playable roster.

With the release of Hela’s gameplay trailer, Marvel Rivals shows that it has given the villain abilities with clever references to her powers in the Marvel comics. The trailer also shows a duelist with interesting mobility, and enough tools to harass opponents without exposing herself, with great potential to become a favorite with players. Some of the luckier ones won’t have to wait long to find out what Hela will be like on the battlefield, however, as Marvel Rivals‘ closed alpha will soon begin, with Hela among the available characters.