Massive Lords of the Fallen Clash of Champions Update Adds Boss Rush Mode

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  • Clash of Champions update for Lords of the Fallen brings new boss rush modes and smoother performance enhancements.
  • Hexworks’ commitment to post-launch support shines through frequent updates, improving gameplay and addressing player feedback.
  • Despite occasional bugs and performance issues, Lords of the Fallen stands out as one of the best Soulslike games with unique features.

The latest Lords of the Fallen update, “Clash of Champions,” introduces new boss rush modes and significant performance improvements. Lords of the Fallen, developed by Hexworks, continues to evolve since its 2023 release. This action RPG, known for its intense combat and deep lore, has seen numerous updates aimed at enhancing gameplay and addressing player feedback. The game’s developers have shown a commitment to maintaining and improving the game, responding to community requests, and setting a high standard for post-launch support.

The 2023 sequel, Lords of the Fallen, marked a significant improvement over its 2014 predecessor, bringing enhanced gameplay and a more immersive experience. Players have embraced the variety of fist-based weapons and the option to fight with bare fists, which scales with agility, making for a unique combat style in the Soulslike genre. Lords of the Fallen‘s unique features and frequent updates have set it apart as one of the best Soulslike games.

The Clash of Champions update introduces two new boss rush modes: Echoes of Battle and Crucible. In Echoes of Battle, players can replay their favorite boss fights, while Crucible offers a series of challenging trials against multiple bosses in succession. These modes are accessible via the game’s Vestige checkpoint markers and are available in both single-player and online co-op multiplayer. This update also includes performance enhancements, fully resolving previous stuttering issues following the Master of Fate update, providing a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

Lords of the Fallen Introduces Boss Rush Modes

Lords of the Fallen‘s updates have been both a blessing and a curse, with frequent patches improving balance and performance but also introducing new bugs. Despite not being a live-service title, the game’s updates have significantly impacted its balance and performance. However, some players have reported issues, such as the game’s struggle to maintain 60 FPS, and occasional bugs affecting gameplay. Hexworks has laid out a roadmap for future updates, showing its commitment to ongoing improvements and setting a precedent for how non-live-service games can maintain player engagement through regular updates.

The previous Lords of the Fallen update 1.1.637, released in March 2024, brought further refinements to the game. This update addressed multiplayer issues and visual glitches, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience. It also included fixes for specific spells and interactions, enhancing the PvP encounters and balancing the overall game.

Despite the game’s commercial success and record-high revenue, CI Games is facing significant layoffs in 2024. The publisher has announced another wave of layoffs, affecting around 30 employees. However, Hexworks remains unaffected.