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A Minecraft fan has a clever idea that Mojang could use to add a bit of entertainment value to a loading screen in their hit sandbox game.

  •  Minecraft fans continue to share creative ideas to enhance the game, like turning loading screens into interactive mini-games.
  •  The Armored Paws update brought long-requested additions, like armadillos and wolf armor, to the beloved sandbox game. It also added an armadillo loading screen that players think would be perfect for a Chrome-like mini-game.
  •  Adding a mini game to Minecraft’s loading screen could make wait times more enjoyable, turning a typical (albeit brief) annoyance into fun.

Minecraft player comes up with an ingenious idea to add some flair to the newly-updated loading screens in the game’s PC launcher and make them more bearable to wait through. Though the ideas they have may not always be acknowledged by Mojang, Minecraft fans continue to share interesting concepts on how to make the beloved sandbox game even better.

Over the 13 years since its initial 1.0 release, Minecraft has received consistent update after update, many of which have added major features and overhauled core aspects of the game for the better. Just recently, in fact, Mojang released a content drop for Minecraft titled the Armored Paws update, which brought a number of long-requested additions to the blocky survival game. The Armored Paws “drop,” as Mojang called it, added the 2023 Mob Vote winner, armadillos, to the game, in addition to wolf armor and new regional wolf variants. One small feature that wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes for the update, however, was the inclusion of a new, armadillo-themed loading screen for the Java Edition Minecraft launcher on PC. Having seen this new addition, a creative Minecraft player came up with an idea to take this simple loading screen to the next level.

A Redditor by the name of AccessProfessional37 made a post on the r/Minecraft subreddit, suggesting that Mojang should turn the newly-added armadillo-themed loading screen into “some sort of Chrome dino-game.” This is, of course, in reference to Google Chrome’s famous dinosaur game easter egg that appears whenever someone loses internet connectivity while using the browser. Being able to play an obstacle-hopping minigame by controlling the movement of the armadillo on the loading screen would give fans something to mess around with, as they wait for the Minecraft launcher to boot up.

Judging from the replies in the post’s comment section, a lot of Minecraft fans seem to share similar sentiments regarding AccessProfessional37’s idea. Reddit user Rukawork, for instance, said that they thought from the very beginning that the armadillo on the loading screen could be moved around with the arrow keys on their computer’s keyboard. However, when they first tried it out, they felt “kinda disappointed when nothing happened.” Fellow Redditor Nova17Delta also agreed with how neat this little addition would be, pointing out the fact that, given “how long it takes to load the new launchers, you’d have plenty of time to get the new high score.” Commenter Cesis_Adiv, meanwhile, even went so far as to suggest that Minecraft fans should start a petition to get Mojang to add this to the game.

A Small Addition Like This Could Make The Loading Screens in Minecraft’s PC Launcher More Bearable

While loading screens have become less and less of a problem in recent years thanks to the advent of SSDs, they can still pop up from time to time and end up being minor annoyances. Despite them being typically considered as detriments, there are a surprising number of games out there that have great, unique loading screens. Though it may seem minor, a simple addition of a minigame to a loading screen, like the one from Minecraft,would make it all the more enjoyable.