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Minecraft’s private server subscription, Minecraft Realms, gets a big update with multiple features to celebrate with friends.

  • Realm Stories hub enhances communication for players, making event planning and resource gathering easier in Minecraft Realms.
  •  An eight-chunk increase in render distance aids in locating areas and preparing for mob attacks in the game.
  •  The monthly Character Creator packs add customizable cosmetic options for players with a subscription to Realms Plus.

Minecraft‘s Realms and Realms Plus recently received an update that added new features to Realm Stories, an enhanced render distance, and access to cosmetic items. The changes are meant to increase communication across the realm for all players, as well as jazz up everyone’s characters. Minecraft Realms are only available for the Bedrock edition of the title.

Realms and Realms Plus are Minecraft‘s private server subscription service. First introduced in 2013, Realms allow friends to play together in a persistent world without worrying about other players wreaking havoc. Since launching, there have been multiple updates to the way these personal worlds function. The latest update focuses on communication between world members, event planning, and more.

The latest update to Realms affects Realms Plus subscribers. The first is the inclusion of Realm Stories, a social hub for all realm participants. The hub features multiple tabs, including the Story Feed with live event updates. The Timeline tab shows when members are typically in-game, making it easy to plan realm events, when to hunt for resources together, or when a building buddy will be on next. The Member Tab shows all members of a realm, including visitors, and if they’re online. This is great if something, like a spreading fire or mob attack, is happening and players need help. The Comment thread makes it easy to chat with everyone who’s available, or leave messages on what the base needs.

Minecraft Realms Subscription Gets Three Major Updates

  • Realm Stories social hub with additional tabs
  • Increased Render Distance
  • Free monthly Character Creator pack

Along with the Realm Stories features, the render distance was increased by eight chunks on most platforms. This greatly helps when trying to set up a meeting zone and a player is having a hard time finding the location, or doesn’t even have coordinates turned on in Minecraft Realms. Now, players can see farther into the distance, know when mobs are about to attack them earlier, and plan better escape routes. Some secret areas are likely to be discovered with the clarity this brings to the map.

The final addition to the service is access to a new set of Character Creator packs each month. This is similar to other monthly drops for subscription services. Once unlocked, the character cosmetics are permanent. Access to these packs requires the Marketplace, an additional feature players need to purchase or can be obtained through the new subscription service, Minecraft Marketplace Pass.

The update is a chunky one, featuring increased vision, communication, and cosmetics. Some players could find the communication improvements alone to be worth it. No longer will players stand about attempting to figure out what needs to be done, when the next event is, or how their base got destroyed.