Minecraft Player Spends Three Years Collecting Extremely Rare Armor Set

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A dedicated Minecraft player spends three years collecting a rare armor set, and shows the result of their quest to other players.

  •  Finding special armor sets through unique enchantments is a rare and rewarding experience for dedicated Minecraft players.
  •  Players can obtain armor through various methods such as drops, natural generation, fishing, and trading with villagers.
  •  Glitches like Efficiency enchantment on armor can create unique opportunities for players to collect rare and unconventional gear.

Minecraft player has spent three years collecting a rare armor set in which each piece has the same enchantment: Efficiency I. During their Minecraft adventures, players collect materials to craft tools, weapons, and armor to protect them from danger. But Minecraft players can also come across pieces of armor in other ways.

Minecraft players can obtain armor as a drop by killing zombies, skeletons, and their variants. In a rarer probability, Minecraft chainmail armor can drop from mobs. Other ways of finding armor pieces can be through natural generation in taiga forest villages, fishing, and trading with villagers for leather armor. Minecraft players usually work hard to get a complete set of armor that suits their needs. But one Minecraft player decided to go the extra mile for an extra special armor set and shared the experience with others.

Reddit user Phantomsfire spent three years collecting a set of leather armor in which all the pieces have the Efficiency I enchantment. The player says in the Reddit post that it all started with a glitched helmet found in a woodland mansion. Over the next three years, they say the item changed to a chestplate, leggings, and finally, boots. Although the woodland mansion is a dangerous Minecraft location, the player took their time to find other mansions to get extras of each piece of equipment.

Minecraft Player Collects an Armor Set That Shouldn’t Exist

The armor set that the OP collected becomes special not only because all the pieces have the same enchantment, but also because they have an enchantment they shouldn’t have. Minecraft has a variety of enchantments that provide players with buffs, such as increased block drop, reduced fall damage, and item repair. While there are some great enchantments for Minecraft armor, Efficiency is not one of them. Efficiency increases the speed of Minecraft players’ tools, so it’s not possible to enchant armor with it.

Dropping armor with an Efficiency enchantment is one of the glitches that have existed in Minecraft for some years. It’s not uncommon to find comments from other Minecraft players who have found pieces of armor in woodland mansions with the same enchantment. What sets the player apart from the rest, however, is their patience in collecting an entire armor set generated from a glitch. With this, they show that although Minecraft often fixes bugs and glitches, this unusual and harmless error is still present in Mojang’s sandbox.