Overwatch 2 Fan Spots Bizarre Bug When Gold and Jade Guns Come Too Close to Each Other

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An Overwatch 2 fan highlights a bizarre bug that happens when Gold and Jade Guns come too close to each other.

  • Overwatch 2 players discovered a bug that swaps Doomfist’s Gold Gun to Jade when near another Jade Gun.
  •  This bug involves emotes and may require players on opposing teams to select the same character to replicate.
  •  Golden and Jade weapons cost 3,000 Competitive Points, so the bug could be a useful way for players to see if they like Gold or Jade on a certain hero’s weapon. It is ultimately harmless, so it will be interesting to see when it will be patched out.

An Overwatch 2 fan has spotted a bizarre bug when their Doomfist Gold Gun changes color when coming into contact with a Jade Gun. Jade weapons were added to Overwatch 2 in Season 9, and this bug may be an easy way for players to access them.

As its predecessor had Golden Guns acquired by many players, Overwatch 2 implemented the same system in its early days. Players can purchase Golden weapons by spending 3,000 Competitive Points that are primarily accumulated by winning Competitive matches. Jade weapons are the next step of this system, and they cost the same amount of points. These Jade weapons were introduced in Season 9 and can be equipped to any hero. As Competitive Points are harder to acquire than Overwatch Coins, many players only have a couple of Golden or Jade weapons. However, one gamer has discovered an interesting bug that applies the Doomfist Jade weapon skin to their Gold gun.

A Reddit user has discovered a way to copy and paste a Doomfist Jade Gun to their own Gold Gun. They tested the bug in a clip that shows the two Doomfist players interacting with each other. The video begins with both characters having the Jade weapon skin while emoting together. As the player’s emote concludes, and they return to first-person mode, their Jade Gun reverts into a Gold one. The gamer then takes a few steps back and emotes again, with the other Doomfist approaching them to turn the Gold Gun back to Jade. An Overwatch 2 Widowmaker also approaches the duo with a Gold Gun, but their weapon never turns Jade.

How Do Players Replicate This Bug?

Given that Widowmaker’s gun never changes color, this bug seems to require players on opposing teams to select the same character. Emoting also appears to be a central aspect of triggering the color swap, as the Gold Gun doesn’t change to Jade when Doomfist is stationary. If the Widowmaker had a duo with the Jade Gun, it’s possible that their gun would’ve changed like the Doomfist’s weapon. The player only uses Overwatch 2‘s Doomfist Dance emote, but any of the options should work as the other Doomfist uses Fake Out instead. While most gamers choose a Gold or Jade weapon for their favorite hero, this trick may be helpful for players trying to decide if they want both.

Blizzard continues to update Overwatch 2, which may result in this bug being patched out in the future. Considering how harmless it is, though, it seems unlikely for it to be prioritized over other bug fixes.