Overwatch 2 Fans Still Aren’t Sure If Removing an Old Lifeweaver Ability Was The Right Call

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An Overwatch 2 player recalls one of Lifeweaver’s old abilities, and the community debates whether its removal was really the right call.

  •  Overwatch 2 players debate Lifeweaver’s old passive, sparking community discussion on its removal and potential impact on gameplay.
  •  Lifeweaver’s abilities in Overwatch 2 offer healing and utility, but the removal of his Parting Gift passive has left players divided.
  •  Some players do think it was problematic because it healed enemies and rewarded them for focusing Lifeweaver. However, one smart suggestion for a rework to Parting Gift proposed that the flower only heal allies.

An Overwatch 2 player has remembered Lifeweaver’s old passive Parting Gift, sparking a debate in the community about its removal. Lifeweaver was one of the heroes Blizzard added to Overwatch 2 last year, expanding the support roster. Lifeweaver soon caused a stir among Overwatch 2 players due to his abilities, which offered a bold new twist on the support role.

With the addition of Lifeweaver in April 2023, Overwatch 2 introduced players to the genius scientist whose real name is Niran “Bua” Pruksamanee. Lifeweaver’s abilities revolve around offering healing and utility to his allies in Overwatch 2, allowing him to reposition and save his team with Life Grip. But while the ability has huge potential for playmaking, Life Grip has created some disastrous moments. Lifeweaver undoubtedly caused a commotion with his Overwatch 2 debut, but since then, the hero has received several adjustments. Now, Overwatch 2 players are debating if the removal of one of his old abilities was the right call.

Reddit user Adrian_Mtz_16 made a post commenting on Lifeweaver’s Parting Gift passive, lamenting the quick removal of what they considered a “cool concept.” The Parting Gift passive was part of Lifeweaver’s skill set, which made the support leave a flower when he died, allowing the first ally or enemy to pick it up to heal themselves. Almost two weeks after its release, Lifeweaver received a round of changes, the most notable of which was the removal of the Parting Gift.

Some Overwatch 2 players pointed out that while the concept of the Parting Gift passive was interesting, it was problematic because it allowed enemies to heal themselves. Other Redditors explained how the healing left behind, in the end, worked as a “reward” especially for damage heroes like Tracer and Genji, who could use it after diving into the enemy backline. Other Overwatch 2 players criticized the removal of the passive so prematurely and offered a simple but fundamental adjustment that would only allow Lifeweaver’s allies to heal with it.

In a game like Overwatch 2 that constantly receives balancing passes, Lifeweaver is still relevant thanks to the major buffs to his healing. The problem lies, however, in the high learning curve required to master parts of the hero’s kit, like Life Grip, to unleash his full potential in Overwatch 2 Season 10. Overwatch 2 players who accept the challenge will have the ability to keep their allies alive, deny important enemy plays, and create impressive opportunities with Lifeweaver – even if they no longer have a Parting Gift to leave behind when they’re eliminated.