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An artistically talented and prolific Pokemon fan artist imagines what Mawile would look like as a human, with some impressive results.

  • A talented fan artist reimagines Mawile as a human, cleverly incorporating its jaw-like design into samurai-inspired characters.
  •  Mega Mawile’s human form features both arms intact, with hair ribbons cleverly representing its signature jaws.
  •  Fans continue to be intrigued by Mawile, exploring alternate forms and fusions with other Pokemon in creative ways.

A creative and skillful Pokemon fan and artist has made a new drawing depicting what it would look like if Mawile had a human form. The humanized renditions, which include a version for regular Mawile as well as Mega Mawile, makes clever use of the Pokemon’s unusual design, yielding some seriously impressive results.

Part of Pokemon‘s third generation, Mawile is a Steel/Fairy dual-type vaguely humanoid in appearance, but sporting a massive set of jaws out of the back of its head, fashioned to look like a ponytail. While before and since a weaker-stat Steel/Fairy dual-type, Mawile actually became a purely Steel-type during the sixth generation of Pokemon, with this version’s Mega Mawile widely considered among the best Steel-type Pokemon in the entire history of the series.

Mawile’s humanized forms were shared on a major Pokemon Reddit page, made by user endifi. The first slide is of a regular Mawile, who is depicted as a samurai warrior, cleverly transforming the Pokemon’s hakama-like legs into an actual hakama pants. Theoretically tying into Mawile’s generally weak Attack stat is the samurai’s incapacitated sword arm due to an “accident,” according to the artist. Humanized Mega Mawile has similar clothing with both arms intact. Both drawings smartly utilize hair ribbons to act as the separating tongue, giving the appearance of massive jaws in each character’s hair.

The pair of Mawile drawings in human form is clearly making an impression on many a Pokemon fan, with the post racking up dozens of likes within just hours of being posted. Artist and Pokemon fan endifi is quite the prolific illustrator, having cooked up a wide variety of Pokemon as humans. One of their other most recent artworks was of a human version of Sableye. Going in an opposite stylistic direction compared to the Mawile drawings above, the artist turns Sableye – as well as Mega Sableye – into a futuristic-looking adventurer inspired by Tomb Raider‘s Lara Croft.

The Many Maws of Mawile

In addition to being re-imagined in human form, Pokemon fans have designed their own Paradox form for Mawile. Opting for the more creatively-free past Paradox form, one fan transformed the Pokemon into Dreadful Jaw, which essentially is a prehistoric lizard-like Mawile with an intimidatingly massive wolf head in place of its usual jaws, complete with glowing red eyes and fearsome snarl. A Mawile this powerful-looking certainly could have been what supposedly incapacitated the arm of the humanized Mawile featured above.

Beyond giving Mawile a variety of alternate forms, fans have also been fusing Mawile with other Pokemon, like one fan who created a fusion of Mega Mawile and Serperior. The result is a similarly intimidating product to the Paradox form previously mentioned, showcasing the fascination Pokemon fans continue to have with this uniquely designed character.