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An artistic member of the Pokemon community reimagines Applin as an Ice-type, creating a whole new appearance for the Gen 8 Pokemon species.

  •  Applin’s new Ice and Dragon-type design sparks fan creativity, following the trend of regional variant Pokemon fan art.
  •  Applin’s evolution in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC introduces Dipplin and Hydrapple, adding new twists to the popular Pokemon.
  •  Poetically_Imperfect’s artistic take on an Ice-type Applin variant draws inspiration from ice worms and snowglobes for a unique design.

Though Applin has already received plenty of attention in the latest generation of Pokemon games, one fan of the franchise has recently shared their own alternative design for the species which reimagines it as an Ice and Dragon-type instead. The concept of regional variant Pokemon has spurred plenty of similar fan art since it was introduced in the Gen 7 games, and many of the interesting new Pokemon designs seen in the most recent Pokemon titles have further fueled artists’ imaginations.

First introduced in the Gen 8 games with Pokemon Sword and Shield, Applin boasts quite a few different evolutions which can be obtained as long as players have the right apples to feed it. Though it’s nowhere near as varied as Eevee is, Applin nonetheless received quite a bit of attention in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC, which introduced a new evolutionary stage for the creature – Dipplin – as well as a further evolutionary stage in the form of Hydrapple. Dipplin can be evolved with the Syrupy Apple item, and is actually one of the favorite Pokemon of Kieran, a rival character also introduced in the DLC.

One artistic member of the Pokemon community known as Poetically_Imperfect had their own ideas for a new Applin form though, one which they recently shared with the community online. Though it features the same name, this Applin variant features the Pokemon using the Ice-type in addition to its regular secondary Dragon-type. According to the creator of this unofficial design, the variant was partially inspired by the ice worm, though its overall design resembles that of a snowglobe. The designer also included a look at what the shiny version of this creature would look like.

Plenty of similar fan artwork has been inspired by the existing regional variants seen throughout the past few generations of Pokemon games, as these regional variants not only show off new looks for existing species, but also base these alternative appearances off of their different typings. This affects much more than just their appearances, and often paves the way for these Pokemon to acquire new moves and abilities. As such, regional variants were particularly popular in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, populating plenty of space within the vast Hisui region.

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Players are hoping to see plenty of new regional variants appear in the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Z-A as well, though very little official information concerning the next major Pokemon title is currently available. Though it is confirmed that Mega Pokemon will be making their greatly-anticipated return in the upcoming game, many players have turned to Pokemon Legends: Arceus for clues as to what the next Pokemon Legends game might have in store.