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A talented Pokemon fan creates a new design for Applin, turning the cute Grass/Dragon-type creature into an Alolan regional variant.

  • Applin fan art has sparked creativity, with new Alolan-inspired dragon fruit variant Pitaja gaining attention.
  •  Other fans have also created regional variants for Applin, including forms based on buns and breads.
  •  Pokemon franchise continues to inspire fans to express creativity through unique interpretations of classic creatures.

A creative Pokemon fan has recently designed an Alolan-inspired variant for Applin. As soon as these new forms appeared in Pokemon games, regional variants became quite popular with fan artists, as they are useful methods for fans to express their creativity by coming up with interesting twists for classic creatures.

Applin first appeared in Pokemon Sword and Shield as part of the 8th generation of Pokemon games. This unusual Pokemon looks like an apple with two small eyes and, unlike most creatures in the franchise, it has three different evolutions. If the player uses a Tart Apple on the Pokemon, it will turn into Flapple. If the item used is the Sweet Apple, however, it will become an Appletun. Finally, using a Syrupy Apple on an Applin turns the creature into Dipplin, which can evolve into Hydrapple.

Now, a Pokemon fan called Pasta_Rakker decided to give Applin a new spin by designing an Alolan regional variant for the creature, which transforms it into a dragon fruit. The new monster is called Pitaja, a clever name considering that dragon fruits are known as “pitayas” in the regions where the plant is originally from. This new design of the Grass-type Pokemon essentially looks like a pink dragon fruit with a green face and small eyes. It evolves to Pitahaya, which resembles a mixture of a dragon, a turtle, and a dragon fruit cut in half. According to the lore invented by Pasta_Rakker, Pitaja was originally born from some Applins were shipped from Galar to Alola, and then mutated due to the heat.

Alolan Regional Applin Pokemon Fan Art

Pasta_Rakker is not the only fan to imagine creative new forms for Applin. Last month, another Pokemon fan designed a regional Applin form, coming up with alternative versions for the creature and its three main evolutions. In this case, the gamer devised variants inspired by buns and breads. The alternative Applin looks like a small piece of bread, and it evolves into three different creatures that either look like a large bread loaf, a burgers, or a sandwich.

When devising fan art depicting alternative forms for classic Pokemon, some fans get especially creative. Earlier this month, for example, another fan made a regional variant for Oddish with brand-new evolutions. This variant represents an Oddish infected with “leaf miners” on its leaves. After evolving into Gloom, the Pokemon increasingly becomes a Bug-type creature, as the insect slowly takes control over the Oddish, making for a unique third form.