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A talented Pokemon fan creates Mega Evolutions for Zoroark and five other Pokemon, taking inspiration from stories and legends.

  • Pokemon fan Cheselth creates stunning Mega Evolutions for Victini, Zoroark, and more, adding creativity to the franchise.
  •  Cheselth’s designs draw inspiration from mythology and real-life creatures, giving Pokemon like Mienshao and Seviper new forms.
  •  With the return of Mega Evolutions in Pokemon Legends: Z-A, fans eagerly anticipate which critters will receive new Megas.

A talented Pokemon fan has created Mega Evolutions for Victini, Zoroark, and four more Pokemon. The Pokemon community is known for its great creativity, putting its spin on gimmicks and concepts that already exist in the franchise. One of these gimmicks that has returned to the spotlight is Mega Evolutions, powerful temporary forms that Pokemon trigger in battle.

Mega Evolutions were introduced with the release of Pokemon X and Y. Since then, Pokemon from different generations have received new forms, such as Alakazan, Medichan, and Diancie. In all, Pokemon has 48 Mega Evolutions, a significant part of which are for Gen 3 Pokemon like Blaziken, Rayquaza, and Medicham, with Audino being the only Gen 5 Pokemon that can Mega Evolve. One Pokemon fan decided to balance the list and made new Mega Evolutions for Gen 5 and 3 Pokemon, with an impressive result.

Reddit user Cheselth shared their work with Mega Evolutions for Zoroark and five other Pokemon that use different inspirations. The artist created a Mega Zoroark based on the legend that foxes live long enough to turn white, giving the Pokemon majestic fur, a large ponytail, a body with different colors, and a green earring. Mienshao isn’t a well-remembered Pokemon, but its Mega Evolution takes clever inspiration from the Shaolin Monks, talented warriors known for wearing a robe usually depicted in white or orange. Mega Victini is based on the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, gaining a pair of wings and a laurel wreath with a flame.

Inventive Fan Creates Mega Evolutions For Gen 5 and Gen 3

Seviper got a more functional Mega Inspiration where its scales give it more armor, having a split tail and menacing fangs. Zangoose doesn’t officially have a new form yet, but thanks to the fan art, Mega Evolution Pokemon gets bigger claws, and fur in which red is more predominant compared to the regular Zangoose. To create Mega Archeops, the OP used the legend of Quetzalcoatl, a deity from Aztec culture, giving the Pokemon a more ferocious appearance.

Cheselth’s fan art is the latest in a series of artworks shared by Pokemon fans, creating Mega Evolutions for Pokemon that don’t yet have one. In the artist’s post, several Redditors chose Seviper as their favorite Mega Evolution, although all the designs they created received praise. With the return of Mega Evolutions in Pokemon Legends: Z-A, Pokemon fans are eagerly curious to discover which critters will finally receive their anticipated Mega.