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A thoughtfully creative Pokemon fan unveils their most over-the-top fusion they’ve ever created, which is leading to strong fan reactions.

  • Pokemon fusion art continues to impress fans online, with intricate designs and creative combinations gaining popularity.
  •  The latest fusion concept blends 9 powerful Pokemon into one over-the-top creature, drawing inspiration from other franchises like Yu-Gi-Oh!
  •  As fans speculate on the potential of official Pokemon fusions in games, the creativity and imagination of the fan community shines through.

A creative and imaginative Pokemon fan has come up with a new Pokemon fusion concept, one they are claiming is the most over-the-top, “OP” fusion that they’ve ever created. The intimidating amalgamation of powerful Pokemon into a single form is being lauded by the online Pokemon fan community at large, with many praising the level of thought put into the piece of fan art.

The Pokemon fandom is arguably one of, if not the most artistically prolific of any fandom in pop culture, with many pieces making headlines across multiple websites. Heavily popularized by the Pokemon fan game Pokemon Infinite Fusion, which allows fans to fuse two Pokemon into a unique new creature. While the majority of Pokemon fan fusion art usually follows the idea of blending just two characters into one, this fan’s fusion combined quite a bit more.

The incredible Pokemon fusion fan art was shared on Reddit, where user DendeReddit has posted it to one of the site’s main Pokemon pages. The incredible piece of art looks like some sort of Pokemon God, with a whopping nine draconic heads sprouting out of a bipedal winged dragon body. After fans left numerous guesses as to exactly which Pokemon were present in the design, the creator clarified the body is a blend of Zekrom, Arceus, and Palkia, with each of the 9 heads representing two of the 18 types listing them from left to right:

  • Kyurem + Kyogre
  • Volcarona + Eternatus
  • Moltres + Reshiram
  • Deoxys + Koraidon
  • Giratina + Darkrai
  • Groudon + Regirock
  • Rayquaza + Tornadus
  • Virizion + Xerneas
  • Dialga + Zekrom

While obviously not real, the sheer number of Legendary Pokemon, with all of their powers and abilities combined, could surely be considered an “OP” Pokemon. However, the inspiration behind the design actually didn’t come from Pokemon at all, but rather the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. One of the comments in the above artwork’s post reveals that DendeReddit’s main source of inspiration was F.G.D., which stands for Five God Dragon. Otherwise known as Five-Headed Dragon, the creature is just about the strongest monster card in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards and the IP as a whole.

Pokemon Polymerization Fusions

The 21+ Pokemon fused together into a single cohesive intimidating being is certainly impressive, although other Pokemon fusion art fans have recently taken a bit of an inverse approach. Several weeks ago, another Pokemon fan designed 14 new fusions, mostly sticking with two Pokemon per fusion, but occasionally upping the total to three. The fusions’ art style look more hand drawn than the pixelated sprites featured above, showing the wide swathe of art styles that Pokemon fans use even with something as niche as fusion art.

With Pokemon fusion art as popular as its ever been, Pokemon fusions seem like a logical next step for the next generation of Pokemon. While the franchise has touched on the mechanic with a couple of Legendaries over the generations, bringing full-scale fusion to an official Pokemon game could prove to be massively popular, though only time will tell.