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An artistic Pokemon fan creates a redesign for Druddigon, imagining it as a Rock-type Pokemon instead of its usual Dragon-typing.

  •  Druddigon’s Rock-type redesign adds a new layer to its cave-dwelling lore, fitting for a “Cave Pokemon.”
  •  Fans appreciate the fresh take on the neglected Druddigon, longing for new evolutions or forms.
  •  Creative fans breathe new life into forgotten Pokemon like Druddigon, offering hope for future appearances.

Pokemon fan has changed Druddigon’s typing from Dragon to Rock in a new piece of fanart. The Pokemon redesign is a plausible one, considering Druddigon is known for dwelling in caves, much like many Rock-type Pokemon do.

Druddigon is one of only two Pokemon to carry the name “Cave Pokemon.” The creature is known for hunting in narrow caves, though it does rely on sunlight to keep itself warm and active. However, this correlation to caves may have gotten the artist thinking about the idea of a Rock-type version of the Pokemon, putting it more in line with Pokemon that tend to dwell in caves in the Pokemon games.

Prolific Pokemon “Fakemon” designer Just-Drawing-Mons shared their idea for a Rock-type version of Druddigon. The Pokemon is colored entirely in shades of grey, indicating its new Rock composition. The overall silhouette of the Pokemon is similar to the original, albeit with some slight changes, like a barb on the end of its tail, a smoother head, and curved horns instead of the original spiky ones. Its new wings are also smoother in design, bearing a stronger resemblance to those of Aerodactyl than its original form.

Refreshing Pokemon Game Freak Hasn’t Updated

While the artist hasn’t shared any of the thoughts behind their inspiration, fans seem receptive to the creature. It’s a nice nod to a Pokemon that has been missing from the series for a long time. Although Druddigon has been around for nearly fifteen years, it’s never had an evolution or even an alternate form or evolution method like a Mega Evolution. While the Pokemon has a long history, it’s also been fairly neglected in recent years, failing to make an appearance in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet or its DLC.

With so many Pokemon in the series, it’s to be expected that some will fall by the wayside. Thankfully, creative and aristically-inclined fans are there to help pick up the pieces and show what could be if Game Freak had a change of heart. Of course, there’s also no telling where the Pokemon could pop up next. Pokemon Legends: Z-A could end up including Druddigon, and with Pokemon Legends: Z-A bringing back Mega Evolutions, it’s even possible that it could get a brand new form. Whether that turns out to be the case will become more clear as Game Freak reveals more about the game, as much of it is currently veiled in secrecy.