Pokemon Fan Turns Poliwag Evolutionary Family into Delicious Cinnamon Rolls

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A Pokemon fan finds inspiration in Poliwag and its evolutions, turning the evolutionary family and one guest into adorable cinnamon rolls.

  • Pokemon fans love to create food that looks like their favorite characters, such as cinnamon rolls based on Poliwag and its evolutions.
  •  The process of making Pokemon-inspired treats can be straightforward, like using a basic cinnamon roll recipe and adding colorful dough.
  •  Fans can find inspiration for making Pokemon confections from fellow enthusiasts and official Pokemon snacks and cookbooks.

Pokemon fan has baked a pan full of cinnamon rolls based off of Poliwag, its evolutions, and one special guest. The adorable recreations of the Pokemon have a strong resemblance, and definitely look good enough for Pokemon fans to eat.

Although some Pokemon are used as food in the games or TV series, many creative Pokemon fans think about making food that looks like Pokemon instead. Whether it’s fans recreating their favorites as tasty treats or the Pokemon Company partnering with official brands to do things like create Pokemon donuts, the series and food often go hand-in-hand. With the round shape and the swirl on Poliwag’s stomach, it’s a perfect choice to base cinnamon rolls on.

Pokemon fan and self-proclaimed “nerdy confectioner” miscellaneousmao has made a pan of cinnamon rolls based of of Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, Politoed, and even a Ditto disguised as one of the water-type Pokemon’s family members. The round shape of the layers of cinnamon rolls takes the place of the Poli-Pokemons’ stomach swirls perfectly. Even the tail of the Poliwags are included here, further adding charm to the overall designs.

According to miscellaneousmao, the process of making the Pokemon cinnamon rolls was pretty straightforward. They used a basic cinnamon roll recipe from the internet, made mini-rolls with half of the standard dough, and then dyed the remaining dough blue and green to get the colors they needed. They then wrapped the colored dough around the mini-rolls, iced them while warm, and finally added details for elements like the faces with chocolate after the rolls had fully cooled. The adorable results have gained plenty of fans for the overall designs and the presence of the disguised Ditto.

Making Treats with Pokemon Inspirations

Miscellaneousmao is no stranger to Pokemon treats, as they’ve made everything from custom Swablu marshmallows to creepy cakes that look like Slowpoke had its tail lopped off. They’re not the only ones, as other Pokemon fans have made waves with things like Parasect melon pan buns. Another fan made a Poliwhirl roll cake that would fit in well with miscellaneousmao’s cinnamon rolls, as well.

For fans who aren’t expert bakers or those who lack inspiration, there’s often opportunities to pick up Pokemon snacks from the official company, though some of them are limited to Japan. Pokemon cookbooks or snack kits like a Pokemon ice cream maker are also good choices for those who want to give making Pokemon confections a try for themselves.