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A Pokemon GO player shares a very curious detail about Pokestops, and many trainers are amazed that they didn’t know this info.

  • PokeStops can have “working hours,” closing temporarily to prevent interaction during certain times, surprising many Pokemon GO players.
  •  Players can submit real-life locations to become PokeStops, while some locations can request temporary closure for safety and organization.
  •  Discovering closed PokeStops with unique designs has sparked discussion among players, showing the hidden details of popular gameplay elements.

Pokemon GO player has shared a curious detail showing what a PokeStop that is temporarily closed looks like. PokeStops are one of the most recognizable gameplay elements in Pokemon GO. They’re found in places that encourage Pokemon GO players to explore their surroundings, such as parks, museums, historical monuments, or landmarks.

By default, a PokeStop that Pokemon GO players can interact with appears blue. By spinning it, the Pokemon GO player gets items such as Eggs, Potions, and Poke Balls, and the PokeStop icon changes to purple, indicating that it is on cooldown and no one can interact with it at the moment. Players who hit level 37 in Pokemon GO can join the Niantic Wayfarer program, and submit real-life locations to potentially turn into a PokeStop. But a Pokemon GO trainer recently shared some little-known information about these locations, surprising other players.

Reddit user DepartureLonely2305 showed other Pokemon GO players what a PokeStop looks like when it’s temporarily closed. The image shows two blue squares with a white circle in the middle, resembling the form of a Poke Ball that is part of the said PokeStop. Although they didn’t reveal which country PokeStop is in, OP explains that the location closes on Fridays and only reopens on Mondays. As such, it won’t be possible for Pokemon GO players to interact with the PokeStop during this period.

Can PokeStops Have “Working Hours”? Pokemon GO Players Impressed by Little-Known Detail

In the comments, several Pokemon GO players were surprised to discover that PokeStops can have “working hours.” Other Pokemon GO players said they had seen other PokeStops of this type, such as in cemeteries and local parks. It is possible to remove a PokeStop or Gym completely from Pokemon GO, but a detail less known by trainers is that in some cases they can close temporarily. The feature has been available since 2021, and through a form, administrators of locations where there are PokeStops and Gyms can request this limitation in functionality from Niantic.

It’s a known fact that there are PokeStops in very weird places, and Pokemon GO players sometimes enter spaces where they shouldn’t be either to challenge Gyms, spin PokeStops, or catch Pokemon. While the removal of Gyms and PokeStops is a common occurrence in Pokemon GO, the addition of opening hours is certainly beneficial for both sides. This way, administrators of the locations where they are can ensure the safety and organization of the place, while Pokemon GO players avoid losing PokeStops and Gyms in their neighborhood.