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Pokemon GO launches a new free Special Research, and it includes an encounter with a Mythical Pokemon now available to all trainers globally.

  • Pokemon GO’s new Special Research allows players to finally catch Diancie globally, starting May 1 at 10 am local time.
  •  Diancie, a Mythical Pokemon from Gen 6, can also Mega Evolve with Diancite, and is linked to Carbink in a unique way.
  •  Trainers who missed out on Diancie at Pokemon GO Fest 2023 now have a chance to add it to their collections.

Pokemon GO has released a new free Special Research that will finally make Diancie available globally. The most common way for Pokemon GO players to find Pokemon is in the wild, while it is possible to capture them in Raid Battles or hatch them from eggs. Some Pokemon are available for a limited time at events, and it takes time for them to reappear in Pokemon GO.

That’s the case with Diancie, the Mythical Pokemon that Pokemon GO trainers saw for the first time during Pokemon GO Fest 2023. On that occasion, Diancie could be caught only by Pokemon GO players who owned a special ticket for the in-person events in Osaka, New York, and London. Since then, Diancie hasn’t appeared in any events, so Pokemon GO players have been waiting for another chance to find the Jewel Pokemon in Niantic’s augmented reality game.

Pokemon GO has released a new free Special Research that includes an encounter with Diancie. Named Glitz and Glam, Pokemon GO trainers can claim the Special Research from May 1 at 10 am local time. Unlike other research, Diancie’s will not expire, so players can complete it at any time. If the player has accessed the exclusive Pokemon GO Fest 2023 Special Research, completing this new research will give them Diancie Candy. From May 1, 12 am to May 3, 11:59 pm local time, players who spin Photo Discs and complete Field Research tasks will earn Diancie Mega Energy and encounters with Carbink.

When Will Diancie be Available for Free in Pokemon GO?

  • Starting Wednesday, May 1, at 10 am local time
  • How: Glitz and Glam Special Research reward

Diancie is a Mythical Pokemon first seen in Gen 6 that doesn’t evolve from or into any Pokemon. Despite this, it’s known that Diancie is born when the little Rock/Fairy-type Carbink undergoes a mysterious transformation and is therefore considered a distant relative of the Pokemon. Diancie can also access Mega Evolution through Diancite, gaining an even more majestic form worthy of a princess. Only available in the Gen 6 games, the only way for Pokemon players to play with Diancie in the Gen 9 titles is by transferring it using Pokemon Home.

That isn’t the first time Pokemon GO has brought back a powerful monster, having released Shaymin globally in 2023 after its debut at Pokemon GO Fest 2022. As with Shaymin, Diancie’s return is great news for trainers who couldn’t attend the Pokemon GO Fest 2023 in-person events. While Niantic is giving all trainers the chance to add Diancie to their collections, players who attended the events in London, Osaka, and New York will still have a reason to claim the Special Research and get Diancie Candy.