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  • Don’t overlook the Porygon2 Mystery Gift – it’s the same one used by a pro player in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
  • Exciting rewards and events like the Paradox Tera raid event keep players engaged in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
  • Get your hands on the limited-time Porygon2 Mystery Gift – redeem the code at the first Pokemon Center in Los Platos.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is giving away yet another Mystery Gift, and this time around it is a Porygon2. While it might not seem like a very lucrative Pokemon to catch, the fact that it is the same one used by a professional Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player makes it something players should definitely have in their collection.

It’s been a while since the last major update was released for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but the developers have kept fans engaged with a number of exciting rewards and events. Recently, a new Paradox Tera raid event was also announced for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, featuring the likes of Sandy Shocks and Iron Thorns. This not only gives players a chance to catch various Tera types of Pokemon but also get the lucrative rewards that are associated with 5-star raids.

The Pokemon Company recently announced an all-new Mystery Gift that players can redeem for a limited time. The distribution is to celebrate the Pokemon North America International Championships 2024 and will be giving players a Porygon2 in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for free. It should be noted that the code hasn’t been announced yet, and it will likely coincide with the start of the event, which kicks off on June 7th. Additionally, the code will only be available until June 10, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. PDT.

There are a couple of things players should note as far as redeeming the code is concerned. For starters, the option is not available from the get-go, and players will need to wait until they reach the first Pokemon Center in Los Platos. This shouldn’t take long, and players should be able to reach that point in the first couple of hours or so. Once that’s unlocked, players can access the Poke Portal and then redeem the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet from there.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Porygon2 Mystery Gift Stats

As far as the stats of the Porygon2 are concerned, the fact that it has the same build as the one used by Nils Dunlop to win in the Master’s Division of the Pokemon Europe International Championships speaks volumes about its strength. It will be featuring the moves Tera Blast, Ice Beam, Recover, and Trick Room and will have Flying Tera-type. It also comes with the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet held item Eviolite, which boosts both the Defense and Special Defense stat of the Pokemon. Perhaps the most exciting part of the giveaway is the fact that it comes in a Cherish Ball, something that players are always looking forward to.