Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Player Spends 4 Years To Catch One Of The Hardest To Get Pokemon

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  • Only the most dedicated Pokemon players can achieve the feat of getting a rare Poke Ball-colored Magearna in Scarlet and Violet.
  • Completing the National Pokedex up to Galar, catching all 890 Pokemon, is a monumental task for any player in the game.
  • The player who accomplished this achievement spent hundreds of hours across multiple Pokemon games, showing true dedication.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan has achieved the extraordinary feat of getting a Poke Ball-colored Magearna, one of the hardest-to-get Pokemon in the history of the franchise. The fact that many Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans are not aware that this Pokemon even exists speaks volumes about how remarkable the player’s achievement is.

It’s been a while since the last major update was released for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but the developers are keeping fans busy with a slew of exciting events. After the conclusion of the Swampert Tera raid, a new 7-star raid featuring Emboar was recently announced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. One of the things Pokemon fans are always looking forward to is completing the Pokedex in a game. While that is an arduous task in itself, one player has taken it to the next level by catching a staggering 890 Pokemon.

In a new post on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet subreddit, user YoursTruly1998 showcases one of the hardest-to-get Pokemon ever. Stating that it took them four years to pull it off, they highlight they finally obtained a Poke Ball Magearna. What makes the Pokemon so hard to get is the fact that it is not something players can just get by playing one game, instead, it is a combination of multiple things that need to be done.

How To Get Poke Ball-Colored Magearna

For starters, the only way to get a Poke Ball color Magearna in any of the games is by completing the National Pokedex up to Galar. This means that players will need to catch all of the whopping 890 Pokemon starting from Bulbasaur and going all the way to Eternatus. Considering the fact that the list also contains several Mythical Pokemon, some of which are extremely difficult to catch, this is by far one of the hardest things to pull off in the Pokemon games.

The user goes on to highlight how much effort the achievement took, as they had to spend a couple hundred hours on Pokemon BlackWhite 2Ultra Sun, and Omega Ruby. While they only spent a few hundred hours on Pokemon Shining Pearl and Legends ArceusShield and Violet ended up taking the lion’s share of their time with 700 and 500 hours respectively.

Pokemon fans wholeheartedly congratulated the user for their achievement, appreciating their dedication towards achieving the feat. Many players stated how they were just a few Pokemon away from completing their collection, such as Meltan or Zeraora, but considering how difficult it is to get those, they have been stuck for ages.