Redfall is Still Missing DLC Characters 1 Year After Launch

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Players are wondering where the DLC they paid for in the $100 Bite Back edition of Redfall is, a year after the game’s notably disappointing launch.

  •  Many gamers are still waiting for the Redfall DLC they paid $100 for, expressing disappointment in the buggy state of the game.
  •  Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer issued a personal apology for Redfall’s launch, promising to reach a more polished state.
  •  Despite ongoing updates, players are still missing promised DLC content, leading to frustration among fans awaiting new updates.

Many players are still waiting for the Redfall DLC they spent $100 on. Redfall was positioned to be the next big release from popular developer Arkane Studios. Arkane became well known for games such as Dishonored as well as their more recent release Deathloop, which have both received praise for their unique combat and traversal mechanics.

Arkane’s 2023 release Redfall disappointed many gamers, who described the game at launch as buggy and needing polish overall. The state of Redfall was surprising to many who had come to appreciate a level of quality from Arkane. Despite its disappointing launch, there are plenty of gamers who still see potential in Redfall. Some fans even consider Redfall a good pick on the prospective list of Bethesda TV show adaptation ideas, following the success of Amazon’s Fallout series.

As Ethan Gach reports on Kotaku, Redfall is still missing content, and there are many players who paid for the $100 Bite Back edition of the game who are upset about this. The DLC in the Bite Back edition of Redfall promised skins and weapon attachments, and access to two future heroes. These DLC heroes have yet to be added to the game, and fan disappointment is growing. One gamer known as rabbi921 spoke to Kotaku and highlighted their dissatisfaction with Redfall as well as the notion of preordering games as a whole.

Redfall Is Still Missing Content

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer issued a personal apology about Redfall’s launch to players, where he noted that he was upset with himself for the way the game turned out. Spencer stated that there were issues with the overall design of the game that did not appeal enough to people, but emphasized a commitment to ensuring that Redfall would reach as polished a state as possible.

Since its launch, Redfall has been updated, including plenty of bug fixes and new content like an additional sniper rifle. Arkane has remained committed to putting out the best version of the game possible, but players are still missing their DLC. There does not appear to be any new statement on when new updates will come, and what they may include.

Players may have to wait a bit longer before they see more updates on Redfall. Arkane Studios is also working on a new Blade game in collaboration with Marvel, and based on the long span of time without updates on Redfall, fans are expecting a long wait before seeing updates on Blade. Many gamers still hope that Redfall will be polished enough to make it worth the while, but some fans would like to see all the content they paid for, first.