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Remnant 2’s The Forgotten Kingdom DLC brings new mysteries and a new OP weapon that dedicated fans have discovered and are going crazy for.

  • The Forgotten Kingdom DLC for Remnant 2 introduces the powerful Invoker archetype and the complex Polygun weapon, challenging players.
  •  Players must navigate the Labyrinth hub world, hitting hidden cubes without dying to unlock the coveted Polygun in Remnant 2.
  •  The tough challenges and collaborative community spirit in Remnant 2’s DLC deepen the strategic elements, extending replayability and engagement.

Remnant 2 launched its second DLC this week, introducing new content for the apocalyptic co-op shooter with the mysterious and powerful Polygun. This expansion continues to enrich the game’s universe, particularly enhancing the mystical forest world of Yaesha. Known for its engaging boss fights and treasure trove of secrets, Remnant 2 follows the successful formula of its predecessor, Remnant: From the Ashes, further cementing the game’s reputation as an engaging co-op experience on PC.

On April 23, Gunfire Games launched the second DLC for the game, titled The Forgotten Kingdom. Among the standout features of the new DLC are the new secrets and the introduction of the Invoker archetype in Remnant 2. Players are claiming that this new archetype overpowers the other ones. Along with the Invoker class, there are more mysteries to solve and get even powerful weapons. Remnant is famous for making the games as hard as they come. So, players should buckle up for this new adventure.

As mentioned in several sources, the Cult of the Door Discord community have been quick to uncover the new DLC’s hidden content, the latest OP Long Gun named the Polygun. The quest to acquire the new Polygun weapon has captured the attention of the community due to its complexity and challenge. To unlock this weapon, players must navigate the Labyrinth, a hub world within the game, and successfully hit 13 hidden small white cubes scattered throughout, requiring precision shooting and risky platforming. This task must be accomplished without even dying once, which is very hard in the world of Remnant. Players must start a new campaign with the DLC active to ensure the gun appears. Ben Cureton, the principal designer, has lauded the community’s collaborative spirit in uncovering these secrets and hinted at the challenge that lies in mastering the new Remnant 2 weapon and the archetype.

A Tough Game and a Community Up to the Challenge

Even though Remnant is one of the hardest games ever made, fans are quite excited about it getting even tougher. This indicates that The Forgotten Kingdom DLC not only enriches the gameplay of Remnant 2 but also extends its replayability and depth. The integration of new challenges, like the Invoker archetype and the Polygun, highlights the developers’ commitment to evolving the game’s dynamics and keeping the community engaged. These updates serve not just to add content but to deepen the strategic elements of the game, potentially influencing future DLCs and updates.

While some may critique the steep learning curve and the elaborate methods required to access new features, these elements are what many fans cherish, providing a sense of achievement that is rare in less demanding titles. The collaborative discoveries and shared challenges foster a strong sense of community among players, reinforcing Remnant‘s status within the co-op genre.