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The latest rumors about Helldivers 2 suggest that a new playable vehicle usable by the soldiers of Super Earth on the battlefield is coming soon.

  •  Speculation about a potential new transport vehicle in Helldivers 2 is fueled by data miners uncovering details in game files.
  •  The rumored Colony Rover may provide players with a faster way to traverse battlefields, hinting at future updates from Arrowhead.
  •  Players are eager for new vehicles in Helldivers 2, with comparisons to past models like the Recon Vehicle sparking interest in gameplay possibilities.

New rumors about future additions to hit cooperative shooter Helldivers 2 suggest that the Super Earth Armed Forces may see a new transport vehicle arrive soon. The reveals come courtesy of data miners – players picking through the Helldivers 2 game files to find clues about developer Arrowhead Game Studios’ future plans.

Though the darkly parodic science fiction future envisioned by Helldivers 2 posits a Galactic War stretching across whole sectors of interstellar space, the forces of Super Earth usually have to hoof it to get where they’re going. Until relatively recently, the only vehicle Helldivers 2 players could ride in combat was the Hellpod they used to arrive at the battlefield from orbit. That changed when Arrowhead debuted the Patriot Exosuit stratagem in early March 2024. The Exosuit gives a single player a heavy, protective armored walker from which to lay waste to the foes of Super Earth.

Helldivers 2 Leaks Suggest A New Playable Transport Vehicle May Be Coming

The latest rumor to come from the front lines involves the potential addition of a new playable vehicle that is focused on transporting a Helldiver squad swiftly across the battlefield. IronS1ghts, a user on the HellDiversLeaks Reddit community, posted images extracted from the game files of a vehicle called the “Colony Rover.” The Colony Rover is a four-wheeled off-road vehicle that can be seen on some battlefields in Helldivers 2. That said, the visible Colony Rover models in the game are in a destroyed state, much like the way Patriot Exosuits were seen as wreckage before they were released.

IronS1ghts stated in their post that though there are no Colony Rovers in the game that can be interacted with at this tme, the game files show that the models have “driving properties” and placeholder animations assigned to them, suggesting that Arrowhead did or is doing some of the groundwork development needed to implement those models as pilotable in the game. This isn’t the first time players and data miners have speculated about the addition of new, wheeled playable vehicles for Helldivers 2. Just before the arrival of the Patriot Exosuits, some Helldivers 2 players were seen driving an incomplete version of the Recon Vehicle, a fast, all-terrain wheeled transport.

Comparisons between the Recon Vehicles shown earlier and the Colony Rover reveal some differences, though. While the Recon Vehicle resembled a buggy or a Halo Warthog, carried three players, and mounted a turret, the Colony Rover is larger, with a box-like silhouette and no visible weapons. Some players in the community speculated on the vehicle’s role, suggesting that it might be an armored transport vehicle designed to help squads cross maps and avoid enemies rather than fight them.