Rumor: Zenless Zone Zero’s Release Date May Have Accidentally Been Revealed

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Developer Hoyoverse’s next game Zenless Zone Zero gets a release date, but a lack of announcement suggests the date’s appearance is an accident.

  •  Zenless Zone Zero set to release on July 3, showcasing Hoyoverse’s unique spin on action RPG genre.
  •  Hoyoverse fans eagerly await release, hoping for more variety in gameplay compared to Genshin Impact.
  •  Game’s setting in post-apocalyptic New Eridu, fighting back against Ethereal with character abilities.

Zenless Zone Zero appears to be releasing on July 3. Zenless Zone Zero is a highly anticipated release from popular developer Hoyoverse. The developer’s banner of video games includes Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail. This game appears to be putting its own unique spin on the action RPG genre, emphasizing its characters with unique personalities.

Hoyoverse games have not seen a release that focuses on the action genre as much as Zenless Zone Zero looks to be doing. There are plenty of aspects to compare between Genshin Impact and Zenless Zone Zero, but Genshin Impact is brimming with different types of adventures to go on, and although it includes real-time combat, its overall gameplay reflects its focus on exploration. Honkai: Star Rail focuses on more strategic aspects of gameplay, utilizing turn-based combat. Zenless Zone Zero puts its characters into arenas based on where enemies show up in levels, and after players have taken out each enemy, they move on to other areas. Different forms of play tests have been released, but many have been excitedly waiting for the game’s full release.

It appears that Zenless Zone Zero may be released on July 3. The game has a page on Apple’s App Store, which, among other details, shows that the game is “expected July 3.” The game appears to be planned for a summer release. Ideally, with plenty of people having more potential free time in summer, the game will have as big an audience as possible. The game already has a large prospective audience based on the success of Hoyoverse games like Honkai: Star Rail.

Zenless Zone Zero‘s page on the App Store also states “This content may change without notice, and the final product may be different.” This leads some fans to believe that the posted date is just a placeholder. There has been no statement released from Hoyoverse on the matter, and the game’s social media page has not yet addressed the existence of an expected release date. The developer continues to deliver some of the best free-to-play PC games, so it is easy to see why fans want more.

Hoyoverse Fans Look Forward to Zenless Zone Zero News

Hoyoverse gamers have high hopes for Zenless Zone Zero and its full release. Based on the way Honkai: Star Rail has surpassed Genshin Impact in revenue, there is a decent chance that players are looking for some more variety in gameplay in the Hoyoverse. With its focus on fast-paced action and room for player expression through its roster of characters, Zenless Zone Zero is the perfect opportunity.